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How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?

3022 4 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-29 11:49:51 Last Edited: 2021-5-06 9:44:43

Service product is a kind of CJ fulfillment service that allows you to ship your own products to our warehouse in the US, and China. For the US warehouses, the MOQ is no less than 10pcs for a variant and no less than 100pcs for a total.

Then, we will pack them and ship them for you. When you receive orders, you can directly place them to CJ and we will ship them from our warehouse while we only charge some service fees—processing fees. And here's how exactly it works for you:

1. Add new service product.

2. Enter product information.

3. Processing of your request.

4. Add tracking number.

5. Attach batch number.

6. Review in Product Inventory


First, you need to apply for a service product. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to My CJ > Products > Service Products > Products > Add new service product.


2. Leave a message or a product URL to CJ. Then, fill in the estimated weight and upload pictures for review. CJ will review and deal with it promptly. You can also check it in Reviewing.


3. There could be three kinds of status for your request. If it is being handled by CJ, it will show in Mine. The other two are Reviewing and Rejected. If CJ is unable to serve your request, then you can find it in Rejected.


4. Once it is in the hands of CJ, you need to choose a warehouse before entering a Tracking Number. As the buyer of the product and the contact person of the parcel, you're obliged to provide a tracking number from your shipping company. If you don't have the tracking number temporarily, you can fill in it later before your products arrive at our warehouse. Please make sure to choose the correct warehouse.


5. After providing all the information, a batch number will be automatically generated. Please print it out and paste it onto the parcel. It is very helpful for you and CJ when it comes to organizing inventory. 


6. You can check your inventory on My CJ-My Inventory-Product Inventory once your products are stocked in our warehouses. 


When you place orders on CJ, related fees will be deducted from your orders. You can import orders through Excel or CSV if you don't have a store connected with CJ. 

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Please do not hesitate to submit a ticket, write to our customer support (support@cjdropshipping.com), or consult an online agent in the chatroom if you have any questions.