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How to Place A Wholesale Order on CJ?

11039 4 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-29 11:52:33 Last Edited: 2021-11-19 03:40:12

Wholesale order means buying a product in bulk to stock in your place for retail or online sales. You can order either one item or multiple items.

Here are the general steps:

1. Find a product;

2. Create an order.   

  • Order one product;
  • Order multiple products.


For specific steps:

1. Find a product. You can search the product by category, product name or SKU.

2. Create an order.

a. If you're going to order one item, please edit the quantity and click "Buy now". In the Purchase Cart, you need to select "Bulk Purchase" to ship the product to your address.


b. If you are going to order multiple products, please click "Buy Now" for different products to add them to Purchase Cart one by one. Then, please confirm the products and click "Bulk Purchase" for these products selected.

Step 1: Go to Purchase List > Purchase Cart and check the products.


Step 2: Edit the shipping address and pay.

If the destination is one of the EU countries, you can select the IOSS option to declare. The declaration can be set up in My CJ > Profile > Declaration Settings


If the payment failed, please go to Purchase List 2.0 and pay for the order.


With any uncertainties, please contact us if you face any problems.