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How to setup automatically drop shipping orders processing from CJ APP

When you registered the CJ account, you may wonder how to deliver orders automatically. Here are some directions for you to achieve that. After these steps, CJ team will automatically handle the orders in your shop, ship for you and send the tracking numbers to your customers.


Simple Directions:

  1. Activate stores:My CJ → Authorization
  2. Connect products: ① automatic connection ②sourcing request ③listing
  3. Payment


Detailed Directions:

1. First of all, you need to activate your stores. Sign in and click My CJ. Finish the following steps to add your store, and then you will find the store status is Activated.

2. There are three situations for the products you want.

①You wanna make us the supplier of your existing goods. So you can “Add automatic connection” to connect your products with ours.

Pin the product of which you wanna make us supplier, then click the “match” to pick some keywords to search. Finally, connect the same product you can find from CJ APP

Connect the Variants and select the shipping method that you are going to use, then submit. Then the system will begin to sync orders for this products!

② If you didn’t find the same product, you can post a sourcing request on that product. Our sourcing team will try their best to find the matched product for you. You can check the status of sourced product on sourcing page.

My CJ 》Sourcing 》Post  Sourcing Request

Sourcing comes from your store.

Sourcing comes from your links or images

Fulfill the form above then you can submit to us.


③ If you wanna add some new product to your store. Just click the “list” button, and then it will go to your store.

PS: The total price of the product is equal to the product price plus shipping cost.


3. You can go to the My CJ >> DropShipping Center to check the orders that system automatically generated, and choose which orders you are going to place to us.

After your customer made orders, all you need to do is just paying us for the products. And CJ team will do all the best things for you.


Here is also a tutorial video for you:

Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any questions.

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Andy Chou
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