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Which Product I Can Sell on CJ APP and What is the Difference Between Listable and Sourceable Products?

We have two different types of products on our APP.

The first type is sourceable products which mean this product is available on our cooperated factories, but we do not have the specification on it, we need to contact the cooperated factory about the details such as weight, inventory, and quality etc. So we can know the total dropshipping price and will get back to you with specific listing once we have it. That is why you need to submit the sourcing request to us.

The second type is listable products which mean the products are available with the specific listing, such as weight, inventory, packing, total dropshipping price etc. You can list them to your store by one click. So you should sell the products that with bottom button that is List instead of Source.

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Andy Chou
Andy Chou
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