How to Connect ShipStation Manually?
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How to Purchase Inventory or Wholesale on CJ APP?

If you want a faster shipping directly from the USA domestic shipping or to prevent products from lack of stock, then you should purchase private inventory(means the stock is available to you only, and you can use this inventory to deduct the product price in your next order) and get them to our warehouse in the USA. Also, you can make a wholesale order and have them to anywhere you want.


  1. Login your account on app.cjdropshipping.com and click Marketplace or Purchase List >> Add PurchaseCJ Marketplace
  2. Search the products SKU that you want to purchase.
  3. Click the red button Add to Cart once you found the product.
  4. Select the variant that you want to purchase and increase the quantity too >> Add
  5. Select the product variants that you are going to purchase, you can add the quantity or remove it too. >> Confirm
  6. If you are going to ship this purchase to somewhere else (Wholesale), you can input the destination address then we will them to the address you requested.
  7. If you are going to get them as inventory in our warehouse, you can select Add to Inventory >> Select Warehouse >> Submit the order.
  8. No matter which purchases style you want, you can continue with the payment.
  9. You can check the order status on purchase list once you placed your first order, and also view or download invoice here.
  10. If the purchase is for inventory purpose, then you can go >> My Inventory to check the stocks belong to you. You can place the drop shipping orders using those inventory.
  11. Since we are always updating our system, if there were some pages view difference, you should follow the new tutorial or step by step with guiding. The system concept will not change. Thanks

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