Why You Should Consider CjDropshipping If You’re Looking For A New Droppshipping Supplier
Why CJ products is cheaper than Aliexpress, but shipping cost is higher?

More and More Drop Shippers Want to Know about YANWEN Shipping for Dropshipping, FBA, POD

Yanwen shipping

Yanwen shipping

As one of the best sourcing company in China, CJDropshipping also provides many shipping sources.

Our most popular shipping method was ePacket, but buyers were getting less and less patience for a long time delivery. That is why we have many different shipping sources for drop shippers option.

YANWEN shipping is a better choice. You do have other shipping methods better than YANWEN and ePacket too.

Beijing YANWEN Logistics.Co., Ltd is a specialized logistics company which was founded with the approval of the relevant competent government department, mainly including the International Logistics Department and the Department of Express, and each of them provides customized services to meet the need of different customers. From a small package to the goods of various forms and sizes, YANWEN Logistics is capable of serving customers by using aircraft, train, automobile, and other transport tools with a professional transport management.

——Express agent service

YANWEN Express Department was established in 1998. For customers need to use the services of well-known international express companies, YANWEN Express adopts the strategy of focusing quantity to get the best price discounts from those famous companies, and in return benefits customers by providing them the best service with the most favorable price. On this basis, YANWEN Express also offers some special services which are considered to be valuable for customers, such as the fast door-to-door pick-up, the free secondary handling of packing, the specialized person responsible for tracking and inquiry, and the professional advice on how to choose express. At the same time, our customer service center can deal with various accidents and problems in time, which provides a secondary protection for the timely and accurate delivery of your goods.

Since the establishment of YANWEN Express Department, we have already had several long-term and stable international customers. In the industry, we have a significant competitive advantage. Following the principle of “customer-centric”, we always exert ourselves to provide a continual maintenance and high standard of service to customers.

——International Logistics Service

YANWEN International Logistics Department was founded in 1998. With sufficient experience and professional qualities of international logistics and international trade, we can provide you with international logistics services, such as import and export agent, international air and ocean freight forwarder and customs clearance. For the different needs of customers, we endeavor to provide customers with the overall plan and comprehensive logistics solutions, with the purpose of improving the efficiency of logistic management, reducing the operating cost, and winning a competitive advantage for the customer. At present, the International Logistics Department has owned a well-established international network which is able to be operated in 123 countries worldwide.

As an outstanding logistic service supplier, we have provided our services for many large multi-national companies, and gradually completed the change from a freight forwarder to a real global logistics service supplier.

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