Why CJ products is cheaper than Aliexpress, but shipping cost is higher?
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Smart choice to use CJ as your Clickfunnels supplier, because CJ can combine orders and Aliexpress shipping is Fake!

CJ will combine orders for your upselling products, it will save your shipping cost also put all different products in one parcel.

Many drop shippers still working with Aliexpress, actually it is a retail platform it is good when you testing products or from starting. It will be less helpful once you scale up.

Clickfunnels is a good platform for drop shipping too, its easy people do not need to waste time to build an online store, simple and quick.

But your buyer will not be happy if they place one bulk order but the products come from different package and date. They will open dispute once they received the first order because they might think the order is short.

The only solution is to work with only one supplier like CJ.

Here is a video I am thinking about why you should choose CJ to Clickfunnels

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Andy Chou
Andy Chou
You sell - we ship source and ship for you !