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Trending This Week: 10 Creative Commodities, Specialized for You! Choose Your Favorite!

Did you always feel bored?

Did you always be busy with your stuff?

Did you ever find that many products in your daily life are not that humanized?

Here, I’d like to recommend you 10 creative products which may add more joy and more flexibility to your daily life.

Let’s see what’s trending this week:

1.WiFi light bulb

Smart light bulbs automatically come on and off at given times through the timer function. A gentle sunrise can wake you up in the morning gradually. By using the APP you can turn off the lights after you left the house. And turn them back on before you walking on the door.

2. Pin Point Impression 3D Sculpture Frame

Simply pressing an object (or appendage) into the multitude of blunt pins will create a 3D sculpture with all the subtleties of the contours faithfully captured. The impression remains intact as long as the device is not disturbed. Enthralling, artistic and fun!

3.Digital Cup

Brand new All in One Digital Measuring Cup Scale w/ LCD Display Weight & Temperature Digital scale inside measuring cup

LCD display integrated into handle

Converts 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water, oil) from ounces to cups.

4.Irregular contour gauge scale profile gauge profiler ruler

This item is quite applicable. The shape of this ruler is adjustable.

5.Premium Dog Umbrella

With this umbrella, you don’t have to worry about your adorable dog will be wet and it is quite cute for your little cuties.

6.Laptop Backpack Anti Theft

Draw case tape; Back zip pocket; should strap bag; Keep thieves far away from you!

7.Multi-line luminous gloves

Mini  LED Finger light for Crafts is the wonderful decoration for Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine’s day and any festival! Decorate your parties and KTVs with the beautiful lights!

8.Multi-function eye mask pillow

Sleeping pillow function

 Aircraft pillow function

Travel pillow function 

Christmas gift features

Convenient, comfortable Features 

Mask travel neck pillow

9.Magic clip s5 car wireless charging mobile phone bracket

This “Penguin” shape phone bracket will help you to reduce troubles when you are driving.

10.Canvas Pencil Wrap Roll Up Pencil Case For Coloring Pencil

Wrap your pencil in this canvas. The outlook is quite fashion, and your painting process will be much FUN!

Trending this week, specialized for you. Choose your favorite. More products please click the following link:  https://app.cjdropshipping.com/

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