Shipping Method by Special Line for Drop Shipping ePacket Alternative

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Shipping Method by Special Line for Drop Shipping ePacket Alternative

It’s pretty common that you will find it difficult to choose the proper shipping method to dropship from China. In this passage I will introduce epacket, which is widely used and other alternative special lines, whcih are alternative methods.

A common way chosen by most dropshippers is epacket(China EMS).

When China EMS receive a shipping order from your supplier, they will send a staff to your supplier and get your package on the same day. On the second day your package will go to China EMS international shipping center and go through security check. On the third day your packages will go custom clearence and aboard. Usually your customers will receive thier packages in 7-10 days, while the whole process takes around 15-20 days after you place your order, which seems a little bit long. The advantage of epacket is that you can ship bulky cargo (those products that weigh a little but takes a lot of space) and you have many destination country to choose from.

However in some cases you can’t choose epacket, for example if the package is over 2 kgs, epacket is not available. In this case you have to choose special lines. A special line means this shipping method goest to ONE country only, like USPS. Since a special line only goes to ONE country, the processing time will be much less. Usually the processing time takes about 12 days or fewer. The problem is that special line can’t ship bulky cargo for you(while epacket can do this for you).

So, in short, epacket can help you ship to many countries but takes more time and there is a weight limit(2kg). A special line goes to ONE country only and can’t ship bulky cargo for you but takes less time.

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