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10 Best Shipping, Logistic or Freight Company Deliver from China to Worldwide

With the development of economic globalization, cross-border trade is increasing. And for the price advantage of Chinese products, more and more Chinese products are exported to worldwide, and thus there is more and more demand for Chinese products to be shipped to the worldwide. If you have the need to sell products from China to other countries or you want to import or buy products from China, you may want to find a suitable shipping agent and know more about good logistics companies. The following will introduce the 10 best shipping, logistic or freight company deliver from China to worldwide.


CJDropshipping founded in China can be a shipping agent for its business covers the shipping. It is a dropshipping platform that provide products sourcing, order processing, and shipping to dropshippers from China to all over the world. It has price advantage both in products’ price and shipping cost.

It provides various shipping methods to clients to choose, though some are limited due to the destination country and the weight of the package. It has an interface for clients to check the shipping method, shipping cost as well as delivery time from one country to another conveniently. After enter the relative information, you can see different shipping method with different shipping cost and time and can choose the most suitable method.


CJPacket is a platform that only provide one shipping method but it is cheaper when the same product delivered in the same time. And it also provide a logistic tracking from origin to destination that you can enter the tracking number and check the package’s logistic information. In other world, it provides complete logistics chain.

For a ordinary product that weights 1 kg and have a length of 20cm, both of width and height, if you want to ship it from China to US, you only need to pay $11.63 and will delivery to the destination between 5 to 15 days. In comparison, the products it ships are resemble with China EMS, but the price of CJPacket is  cheaper. The same product exampled above needed to be payed $ 26.65 and also delivered  to the destination between 5 to 15 days if you choose China EMS.


Jewelshipping is a exclusive and reliable shipping method created for small items for ecommerce, like jewelry which may be the origin of its name. It can delivery small pieces from China to USA with average 7 days in a really low cost. It is not only fast shipping but also trackable. Just enter the tracking number and you will get the package’s logistic information.

So what the definition of small piece? It is something that thickness<1cm and weight<100g. It is available with shipping from China to other countries and domestic shipping. If you are engage in ecommerce and have small pieces to ship from China, it is a good choice.


It is a professional, accurate, intelligent cross-border logistics integrated platform and is in corporation with many famous companies such as Shopify and Aliexpress. Over the years, it is trusted by more than 100,00 ecommerce stores and provides logistics service for them. 98% of clients are satisfied with comeorders and better logistics service also help clients to improve the customers’ retention.

It also provide package tracking and support 600 couriers worldwide. It can achieve real time tracking and provides accurate and fast tracking services based on intelligent big data analysis. Furthermore, It integrate with Shopify and other Ecommerce platfom, buyers can track the package in your store.

5. MOL Logistics

MOL Logistics has headquarters in Japan and has global office network. Its business sites cover 27 countries with 126 Offices/Business sites. And it has 179 agency offices oversea which cover 51 countries.

MOL Logistics operates through a global network based worldwide and offers a full lineup of logistics services including air and ocean freight forwarding. They continually improve the quality of our services to fit in diversifying customer logistics needs.

MOL Logistics has taken international air transportation as its core business since its foundation in 1960. Thanks to a long corporate history, MOL Logistics can flexibly utilize its experience and expertise to provide door-to-door transportation services through its global network. It is excellent in transporting cargo in peak condition.

As an NVOCC shipping company, MOL Logistics, just as for its air freight, makes full use of its strong overseas network and provides meticulous and quality door to door shipping services. Specifically, its International Sea Freight includes FCL Services, Mixed Container Services, Special Container/Conventional Vessel Services, Triangle Trade Transport/Multilateral Global Transportation, Mixed Container Services for Dangerous Cargo, Buyer’s Consolidation Service.


China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company founded in 1961 is owned by the Chinese government and has its headquarters in Shanghai. COSCO is the largest dry bulk carrier in China and ranks as one of the largest worldwide .

In February 2016, the COSCO Group merged with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), thus forming China COSCO Shipping Corporation.

Following this, it is now the world’s 4th largest shipping company, the largest shipping company outside of Europe and one of only 4 companies that has a total capacity above 1 million TEU.

COSCO now owns 5 of the top 10 biggest container ships, each of which is able to handle 19,000 twenty foot containers. In total the group has 361 vessels of which 285 are container ships. It also covers 85 countries or regions with 267 ports and has 355 shipping lines as well as 1,539,618 TEU.

It offers its clients a wide array of services, including Container Shipping, Dry Bulk Cargo Shipping, Oil and Gas Shipping, Specialised and General Cargo Transportation, Shipping Finance Sector and Passenger Liner Services.


UPS is the world’s largest express carrier and package delivery company. Headquartered in Seattle, USA, it delivers more than 14.8 million packages in more than 200 countries around the world every day. It is a freight agent as well as courier agent.

UPS Worldwide Express Freight service provides fast international shipment all over the world. If you have large international shipment but time is urgent, it is a good choice. Import and export goods that more than 150 LBS /70 kg will arrive in major global markets within 1-3 working days.

And UPS Worldwide Expedited offers customs-cleared, day-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories in two to five business days. When deadlines are more flexible, this best-in-class global service can help you balance speed with cost. Get your shipments where they need to be without hurting your budget.

As the world’s largest customs clearance agent, and one of the world’s largest air freight network, it provide clients with the appointed date delivery service, to ensure goods door-to-door delivery on time, and covers more than 50 countries and regions. It also provide professional shipping service such as bulk shipping, freight and multi-carrier shipping.                                                                                                                                        


C.H.Robinson is one of the world’s largest third-party logistics providers and provide innovative supply chain solutions to customers worldwide. By the transport of goods, it drives the world economy. Its company headquarters is in North America and has large brunch companies all over Asia, Europe and South America.

With rich logistics and freight forwarding experience and history, it is the largest non-vessel carrier (NVOCC) with the largest freight volume from China to North America, and one of the top five NVOCC serving Asia, southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. All these are worthy of trust.

With an extensive network of branches and suppliers, it can quickly and efficiently ship almost any cargo anywhere in the world.It adopt intermodal to move goods throughout Asia and around the world. It can not only deliver goods by truck, train, plane and ship all over the world, but also improve clients supply chain.


Fuji Logistics founded in 1975 has domestic and international logistics business. Its headquarters is in Japan with some brunch companies in China, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore. It is a integrated Logistics Service provider, including logistics business (Transportation, packing, storage, etc.), Logistics management business and so on.

Its international logistics network provides customers with borderless global logistics services. It has both suitable and low-cost shipping service and fast air service. The Fuji Logistics distribution networks they have set up in each logistics center make it possible to deliver the required goods just in time. For the huge and cumbersome international logistics business, clients can hand it to Fuji logistics agent and concentrate on their core business.

In China, Fuji Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. is one of its overseas affiliated companies. They have positioned this company as a key point in their international comprehensive logistics services to provide the most suitable domestic logistics services within China, in cooperation with Fuji Logistics (Dalian F.T.Z.) Co., Ltd. and Fuji Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Furthermore, by International Transportation Services, it is convenient to ship goods from China to other countries, especially Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore.


As a professional and experienced China freight agent/forward, Cargo From China Limited (aka CFC) is both local and global. It keeps focused on providing sea / air / rail / courier shipping services for domestic exporters and worldwide importers since 2003. It does not just deliver containers,  pallets, cartons, packages, parcels, documents, more importantly, it delivers businesses and happiness. CFC can provide Shipping by sea, by air, by rail, by courier, and multimode ways and can help their clients transport China commodities to different destinations in different countries in a timely, efficient and compliant manner. No matter it’s FCL shipment (full container load), LCL shipment (less than container load), air shipment, rail shipment or express courier shipment.

Sea Freight Carriers

Air Freight Carriers

Thanks to their worldwide partners and long good relationship with marine lines, airlines, and other leading internal and international carriers, they’re expert in:

  • Inland trucking from your supplier/manufacturer to the loading port or airport
  • Consolidation and warehouse storage at/near the loading port or airport
  • Booking container space from the most cost-effective carriers
  • FCL and LCL sea forwarding services to the world
  • Air forwarding services to the world
  • Rail forwarding services to Russia, Mongolia,Central Asia and Europe
  • Customs declaration/clearance, insurance, related paper work
  • And more to discover how we can benefit your supply chain management
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