Top 10 E-commerce City In China For Fulfillment And Dropshipping

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Top 10 E-commerce City In China For Fulfillment And Dropshipping

As we all know, domestic e-commerce is booming and as the graph shows, the size of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China has grown rapidly in recent years. If you want to dropshipping from China, you need to know about the top e-commerce cities in China for fulfillment and dropshipping.


Guangzhou, the e-commerce capital of China, is unchallenged. As the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou naturally becomes the distribution center of clothing, which directly leads to the status of Guangzhou in the national clothing industry and gives birth to a large number of e-commerce practitioners. Furthermore, for cross-border e-commerce, more than 95% of cross-border commodities have achieved “seconds release” through customs clearance. Smooth customs clearance environment and quality customs clearance service attract many large e-commerce companies to choose the Guangzhou custom and drives the development of local logistics enterprises, thus formed a complete e-commerce ecosystem. It is a good idea to dropship clothing from Guangzhou.


Yiwu is a county-level city in Zhejiang province, and it is the largest distribution center of small commodities in China, with a fairly developed light industry. It has become the main supply base for cross-border e-commerce. There are too many e-commerce entrepreneurs in Yiwu, and the overall e-commerce environment and advantages are obvious. And the best dropshipping company in China which called CJDropshipping is based in Yiwu. They source and deliver systematically with rich e-commerce fulfillment and dropshipping experience. If you have a dropshipping corporation with CJDropshipping, you don’t need to worry about the sourcing, delivery, logistics, custom, etc.


Zhejiang province’s light industry is extremely developed, and Hangzhou has the label of cultural innovation. Therefore, Hangzhou’s clothing industry is also very developed, and it is also the capital of Zhejiang province and has become a large distribution and trading center. There is another very important reason that Alibaba and Taobao headquarters in Hangzhou, drive the whole Hangzhou e-commerce booming. At present, a bonded warehouse and other products of Hangzhou comprehensive trial office rank among the best in 12 pilot cities nationwide. CJDropshipping also has a branch company in Hangzhou which makes it can employ more high-educated talents and have more clothing supplies.


Shenzhen is an innovative city and is home to two of the most active companies in China’s Internet and mobile equipment industries. It’s also a thriving e-commerce industry with a prime location near Hong Kong and Guangzhou. In 2018, the size of e-commerce transactions in Shenzhen was 2.76 trillion yuan, accounting for 8.7% of the country’s total e-commerce transactions, which has been stable at 8-9% for four consecutive years. Cross-border e-commerce will be an important growth point in Shenzhen’s e-commerce industry. CJDropshipping also has warehouse in Shenzhen.


Wenzhou, the pioneer of China’s reform and opening up, has a strong business atmosphere in the region, and Wenzhou people’s desire for business makes Wenzhou e-commerce industry enter the forefront of the country without exception. Wenzhou has an early start in the development of e-commerce, which has inherent advantages in the vitality of private enterprises, overseas human resources, external market information channels, and other aspects, and has become an important factor for cross-border e-commerce to actively expand the market.


The business atmosphere of Zhongshan city is very good, and it’s household appliances and clothing manufacturing industry is very prominent. Because of the original effect, it develops well in the e-commerce industry. There are more than 1,000 cross-border e-commerce enterprises with business scale exceeding 1 billion yuan in Zhongshan. It delivered 12.59263 million pieces of e-commerce express on November 11, 2018, with an estimated total value of 2.01482 billion yuan, and have an increase of 32% over 2017.


Putian is a shoe city in China. The footwear industry in surrounding areas of Putian is quite developed in China, and a large part of shoes in China and even the world market are produced in Putian. There is no doubt that Putian’s e-commerce industry is very good. The city has more than 200,000 network sales staff and the annual network sales more than 10 billion yuan. Putian has taken various measures to encourage and promote the development of e-commerce. For example, building Putian Internet entrepreneur pioneer park, and providing a comprehensive service platform for e-commerce that integrates warehousing, training, and financing.


Jiaxing is next to Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou and has three city functions at the same time. Two consecutive Internet conferences are held in Wuzhen, Jiaxing. There are many garment manufacturers in the region. During the 12th five-year plan period, the city’s online retail sales continued to grow rapidly, from 10.45 billion yuan in 2011 to 83.56 billion yuan in 2015. In 2016, the city’s online retail sales reached 111.312 billion yuan. There are more than 145,000 online retail stores in the city and Wufangzhai was approved as a national e-commerce demonstration enterprise.


Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city and for the house prices is very high, Shanghai e-commerce business enterprises mostly in the periphery of Shanghai. Shanghai is not like Guangzhou is the capital of having the function of the hub, so the e-commerce industry compared to the above several cities are relatively weak. But because of its comprehensive strength is good, talent is more, the development of the e-commerce industry is still at the forefront in the country. By the end of June 2017, Shanghai had 1,034 cross-border e-commerce enterprises, 36 related payment enterprises and Banks, and 96 related warehousing and logistics service enterprises.


Beijing is the capital of China, is also a very comprehensive metropolis. And the same as Shanghai, due to its high housing prices, coupled with the environmental factors that lead to the surrounding light industry mostly moved to Hebei, not form a very good light industry cluster. So compared with the cities above, its e-commerce industry is a bit behind. However, Beijing has so many talents and book publishing market is also very good, thus has formed a relatively good e-commerce business environment. During the 12th five-year plan period, the city’s online retail sales increased by nearly 16 times, accounting for 19.5% of the total retail sales of consumer goods in 2015 from 2% in 2010, realizing a leapfrog growth.

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