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Yiwu Cute Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 by Andy Chou(CEO) and his team. It was located in Futian Market in the center of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, which is famous for Jewelry and Commodity Manufacturing in the world.We switched to dropshipping business in 2015. Our main group of customers are Shopify and Woocommerce, Lazada, Shopee, Wix, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sellers who are focused on marketing and outsource everything else to CJ. We are one of the most professional drop shipping suppliers in China, proven by our ability to focus on our customers’ needs while staying highly competitive. Our products have been distributed to over 60 countries and regions. And we still continue to offer that same level of service today. During the past 19 years, CJDropshipping has gone through all kinds of hardships and difficulties, finally reaching to the development scale today. Holding the principle of “Product Quality, Logistics Quality, Service Quality”, we are dedicated to source and ship for all customers who want to sell through dropshipping.

The development history of CJDropshipping

2015Seeding Season

E-commerce and dropshipping were just catching up, not as popular as they are in today. At that time, CJDropshippingseized the opportunity by selling ornaments online in a 70 square meter residence in Qingyan Liu Village.During that time we knew the biggest e-commerce businessman Mr. Chen by chance, who had almost 1 million orders in a day. Meanwhile, we met the first dropshipper Sveinn in Iceland and developed movie series jewelry as breakthrough.

In September 2015, Dropshipping was formally formulated as an important development strategy for the company. In October 2015, with the help of Mr. Wang, we entered the Fifth District of International Trade City in Yiwu to welcome the first batch of employees Fangjia, Fangfang and so on, through the efforts of whom the second shop for watches and the third shop for movie series jewelry were opened. Due to the increasing of workload and the insufficiency of employees, we worked 14 working hours per day and 7days per week to complete all the orders customers placed, finally pushing the annual sales volume about 1 Million.

2016Weeding Season

Despite the rapid development of CJDropshipping in 2015, we have gone through hardships in 2016. At the beginning of the year, the target of annual sale of RMB 6Million was set, which was believed to be vexingly difficult. At that time, the company had only eight workers. In January 2016, we continued to develop film series jewelry, break down the production process of jewelry by ourselves, and control the production of jewelry in our own hands, accumulating customers of Peter, Edgar, Uruguay (movie bracelet) and other important customers to lay the foundation for the company’s development direction

Considering the problems encountered, the Mode of Product Sourcing instead of blindly uploading goods in large quantities was implemented in April 2016 to satisfy customers’ needs. Taking demand as guidance, we sell what customers need, improving service quality and abandoning watch categories. Meanwhile, we made a strategic choice of Multi-category Comprehensive Management. In June and August 2016, Jeremy, Chris customers and KD customers were accumulated to develop woven bracelets and build Our Own Small Workshop for the production of such goods.

At the same time, the company began to take shape in terms of Organization Chart. Fangfang established the first order processing group. Liu Yi was one of the earliest members. In 2016, we rented two adjacent doorways, expanding the workplace for the second time and opening the Fourth (ornaments) and Fifth (clothing) Store of AliExpress.In the first half of 2016, CJDropship.com Published which is made by Magento 2.0.With some key employees joined the company, CJDropship.com was getting more and more customers from our website.

However, it was not a smooth process. Although the annual sales of 18 million RMB under the efforts of all hard-working colleagues were realized, almost breaking through threefold of our goal. Some problems happened. The shipping method ePacket to Chicago Airport was seriously delayed, undoubtedly causing customer loss. In addition, and the system project Like Oberlo was trying to launch in December 2016, but ending with a failure for various reasons like the lack of technicians and the shortage of money.

2017 Planting Season

At the beginning of 2017, the target of Doubling Sales of 2016was set. Shortly after the beginning of 2017, we had just paid the annual fees for several shops of AliExpress, the second and forth AliExpress stores were closed down because of the AliExpress rules change. We lost two well-developed stores.

Fortunately, the Organization Structure Became More Excellent and Professional with the further expansion of the company, In February 2017, financial department, procurement department, delivery department and personnel department were set up so that everyone specialized in their working content.

Aiming at avoiding the manually order processing mistake and improving the customer satisfaction and reduce the human ability limits. The System Development Plan was explored again in June 2017 and put into operation normally at the end of the year. The third expansion was conducted. Hangzhou Branch was established to start our platform development project. However, the project lagged for more than two months due to various reasons. It wasn’t until an excellent programmer joined the company in late September that the project really started. Besides, the First Sales Team Competition began on August 14, 2017. In August 2017, many customers began to enter the 3C category, and we began to focus on the development of the 3C Category. In September 2017, the Sourcing Group was set up to solve the problem that salesmen spend a lot of time sourcing products, the reception of which is quite great.

However, problems never stop annoying us during the development, especially in the initial period. In March 2017, one of our customers refused to pay 15 thousand dollars for the logistics of the murals. KD customers were compensated 5 thousand dollars in the same month. Things like this is so discouraging, but we still set up the First Sales Team. Not long after that, we lost more than 20 thousand dollars due to the fishing infringement issue. Later, a Wish store was closed. The backlog of orders in the Labor’s Day is also a headache problem. At the end of December 2017, the inventory value of warehouse was counted, only to find the amount of unsalable goods was up to millions. The amount dishonored, compensated and reissued were as much as 15 thousand dollars. The two items totaled nearly RMB 2 million, which accounted for 1.5% of the sales.

In November 2017, the problem of Hy-express once again caused problems like the accumulation of goods in Chicago in 2016. Many orders were not properly delivered for more than one and a half months, which seriously led to the loss of customers’ trust in us. The refund amount was over 6 thousand dollars excluding the losses caused by disputes and customer loss.

Considering these problems, the Seventh AliExpress store (toy) was opened and Hangzhou salesmen tried out the New Salary Mechanism to improve our awareness to serve the customers.

2018Fruitful Season

In 2018, the USA warehouse was established in March and CJ-APP was online in May. What’s more, Yiwu warehouse was extended in June and Hangzhou office was expanded in December, so many achievements were made. For example, the system can cover any business corner of the company and provide intelligent data analysis, the semi-automatic pipeline order processing was operated, strategic cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises was strengthened, the organizational structure was further subdivided.

With the dropshipping business model trending, we vigorously develop DropShipping business and establish Overseas Warehouse advantages, building DropShipping industry No. 1 with the help of overseas marketing force. We try to open the platform for high-quality merchants to enter the port. Making use of overseas warehouse advantages and the company’s existing resources, we vigorously develop the Shopify business. With all those efforts, the company’s team size reaches more than 350 people. To provide customers better experience in dropshipping, we establish the Logistics Department to have our own logistics system considering the terrible logistics like Epacket. Strict quality inspection and brand maintenance departments are also established to improve the quality of goods provided by us.

2019Harvest Season

The target of being a customer’s VA, perceiving customer’s pain spot, knowing customer’s needs, such as the quality of goods was set at the beginning of 2019 to improve the logistics system, build our own logistics brand, predict the logistics problems of customers in advance, actively solving the problems of logistics effectiveness of customers, and enhance customer experience and increase user stickiness.

In the first half of 2019, we have established the Second USA Warehouse in New Jersey. In addition, we have published our own CJPacket and obtained the logistics channel with a foreign logistics company. More departments are set up to further our service quality.

Despite the complexity and difficulty ahead, we never deviate from the right direction of the future. From the perspective of pioneers in E-Commerce, we take the initiative to lead the whole Dropshipping industry. We are not afraid of being followed. Adhering to the principle of “Product Quality, Logistics Quality, Service Quality”, we are striving to be the top one on the dropshipping business.

E-Commerce is changing the world, and the story of CJDropshipping is continuing.

Want to know more about CJDropshipping? Andy (CEO) will tell you in the video in detail

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