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Why My Tracking Number Not Synced to Shopify?

Many customers these days reflected their tracking numbers not synchronized to Shopify stores successfully which caused huge inconvenience to the business. After we made a thorough check, we found the reason was that the Shopify platform had changed its API code which restricts that you must select Shopify or cjdropshipping as your product inventory manager or your orders cannot be fulfilled by CJ even if you pick CJ as the inventory manager later. For example, if you select other fulfillment platforms like Oberlo or nothing specially selected at the beginning, and you decide to place orders on CJ platform, the tracking number will not be synchronized to Shopify because of the change of Shopify policy even if you select cjdropshipping as the inventory manager after you find no tracking information synchronized successfully.

If can check which orders had placed to CJ but tracking numbers has not be uploaded to your Shopify store by installing CJ chrome extension:

The good news is that we have fixed this problem now. We have added a compatible update with third parties which means even though you pick a third-party platform like Oberlo as your product inventory manager at first, we can still fulfill your orders from Shopify stores and the tracking number will be synchronized to Shopify as it used to be.

However, a more recommended way is to select cjdropshipping as your product inventory manager on the Shopify management system considering that it will be more stable and ensured. No one can make sure that everything is going to work well. As long as something unexpected occurred, dropshipper from Shopify will suffer great loss, especially for beginners while facing hundreds of refunds.

How to let CJ become your inventory manager?

1. Log in your Shopify management system, then click Product > Inventory, you will see your products here. After that, please pick your specific product because you need to set each product inventory.

2. Jumping to the product inventory page, just find the inventory management part as the marked part shows. You can select cjdropshipping or Shopify but cjdropshipping is recommended. In addition, you may notice there are two “CJ”, CJDropshipping and cjdropshipping. Just put the “CJDropshipping” aside, select cjdropshipping, please.

3. With everything finished, never forget to Save or what you have done is in vain.

Haven’t set CJ as your inventory manager? Go now!

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