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No Need to Revise Product Listing in Your Store — Just Use CJ Automatic Connection Feature

Product connection allows data to flow from ‘Products’ in CJ out to your store so that your products are published with the description and other essential information. The most important is that you don’t need to revise product listing in your store. One Product in your store can be connected to CJ in multiple ways.

How Do I Connect Products to CJ?

There are 2 ways to CONNECT products with CJ: 

  1. Automatic Connection
  2. Sourcing Connection

Automatic Connection (Recommended)

Step 1: ConnectionAdd Automatic Connection—Choose the store you had authorized

Step 2.1: SyncChoose the product you want to connect — MatchConfirmPinConnect

PS: If the product name of your store matches CJ products, Click “Match” is the fastest way to get all product information from CJ. But sometimes it will not work well. So here we recommend you to use ‘search image’ to connect. The followings are the steps of Automatic Connection. Here we go.

Step 2.2: Click Search IMGPin–Choose the product you want in CJ and Connect

Note: Don’t forget to PIN your product. If you forget about that, the system will give a tip for you and then you can continue to next step.

Step 3: Choose the products of CJ and your store, maybe with the same price or price is lower than your store. Connect them by clicking them one by one. Then please choose the Shipping Method then Confirm.

PS: The shipping method here doesn’t mean you can only use the shipping method you chose here. You can edit the shipping method in your store after connection.

Step 4: After connection, you can go to Connection to make sure the product is exactly connected.

You can use a sourcing connection if you want to connect the product sourced success in CJ.

Sourcing Connection

After clicking ‘Add Sourcing Connection’, you can see the left part is the products from sourcing while the right part is the products from your store. The steps are almost the same as automatic connection.

Step 1: Choose store–Sync

Step 2: Search the product with product name both in your store and CJ sourcing. Choose the CJ product and the same product in your store you want to connect. PinConnect

Step 3: Choose the variants available in the sourcing products, you can connect the product with several variants to your store’s product. Choose the Shipping Method and Confirm.

Step 4: Check and make sure your connection is successful.

The above is all about how to connect your store product with CJ’s. Hope the connection between your store product and CJ’s will bring more convenience to you and help to develop your progress career. CJ will always provide good products and perfect services to you.

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