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What You Need to Know About Customized Packaging

As we offer custom packaging service for a single order, many customers show their interests. To make the process clear, here we summarize some problems you may encounter and how to proceed.

Before you start customized packaging, it should be confirmed that you have authorized your store, connected the products in your store or finished sourcing in CJ before you start customized packaging.

The general process can be summarized as:

Check the kinds of packages—Design the package—Purchase the package—Package connection—Wait for the package to arrive at our warehouse——start to sync the latest orders——add the orders into the cart and pay for the order.

Here is the detailed introduction of the process:

1. Check how many kinds of customized packaging CJ has.

Go to My CJ—Customized Package, you will find there are three categories of the customized package:

  • Design Model: Here you can add text or logo on your preferred package.
  • Pre-Designed Packaging: Here are the pre-designed packages and you can purchase your preferred ones.
  • My Custom Packaging: Your design will be displayed here after you added the text and logo on the package in Design Model. Here you can purchase your designed packages.

If there are not what you want, you can contact your agent or our customized package agent to check if there is more package you want.

Chat room: http://chat.cjdropshipping.com

Customized package agent: https://app.cjdropshipping.cn/register.html?ma=Anna

2. Design your own package in the ‘Design Model’. And after you finish your own design, you can come to ‘My Custom Packaging‘ to purchase it.

Note: This is only the effect picture of your package. You should send your requirements of the package and send the original file of the logo to your agent. (PNG file is better.)

3. After confirming the specifications and the style, size, and quantity of the package, you can pay for the packages you choose.

Note: There will be packaging in your order only when

· The right package is well connected with the product before your sync your latest orders from your store;

· The orders are paid after the package inventory are stocked.

On the payment page, you can select the warehouse where you want to stock. The ordinary goods usually should be stocked in Yiwu warehouse and products with other attributes (such as electric products or liquids) are usually stocked in Shenzhen warehouse. If you are not sure, please ask your agent or the customer service in the chat room.

In addition, it would be better to choose the same warehouse for the packages as your products and place a bulk order for your packages to get a shorter processing time. The package price will be deducted after they are stocked in our warehouse when you place an order in CJ, which means you don’t need to pay for the package again in the order.

After you finished the payment, you can see the order status in My CJ—Purchase list and the details of your customized package inventory in My inventory—Package inventory. It will show the “stocked” in the status if they have arrived at our warehouse.

4. Click ‘Package Connection‘ to connect the customized package with products in your store. You need to first connect your customized package with the products in your store before you sync your latest orders so that the products you order will be packed with your designed package. You can choose to connect either one or all variants of the products.

How to connect your preferred package for your product:

Matching Type:

a. Product It means that this package is connected with every single product in one order. For example, if there are two pcs of this product, then this order will use 2 pcs of this package.

b: Order It means that this package is connected with only 1 pc product in one order. For example, if there are two pcs of this product, then this order will only use 1 pc of this package.

Package type:

a. Default design: the pre-designed package;

b. Custom Design: the package that you designed.

Important Tips:

Only when the product and the packagings are in the same warehouse can the package inventory be deducted and can the package exist in your order. So if your package hasn’t arrived in our warehouse, there won’t be any package in your order even if you can see it in your order before you pay for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What if I choose the wrong warehouse for the package?

Don’t worry, you can open a dispute and set a new order. But it will take some time to finished the dispute. So please double-check the warehouse you set the package order.

2. What if there isn’t my preferred package in your system?

You can contact your agent or the customized package agent and tell him or her about your preferred package. Then he or she will come to our supplier and check if there is the one you want. After that, your agent will confirm with you about the price, MOQ and other package details. If you like it, your agent will add it to our system. The following procedure will be the same as above.

3. What if the number of the package I want doesn’t reach the requirement of MOQ?

After you have finished your design in our system, there will be a unique SKU of this design. Or before the design, you can ask your agent if it’s OK to order the package in a small amount. And if it’s feasible, your agent will modify the MOQ of this package, and then you can buy that.

4. Will there be customized packages in an excel order or orders placed manually?

For now, the package inventory can be deducted in an excel order (as long as there is package inventory and your product has been connected with the package). But you need to connect the package with the product in SKU list before you set the excel order. However, if you create orders manually, there won’t be a package in this order.

5. Can I combine orders or split orders if this order has a customized package?

For now, it’s impossible. Sorry for the inconvenience. But our IT team is working on it.

6. Can I purchase the package for all the variants?

When you purchase the package, please choose the 1 pc variant instead of 500 pcs or 1000 pcs of variants because that would cause the extremely high shipping cost in one order.

7. Is it possible to make one specific package only visible to me?

Sure. You can tell your agent or our customized package agent or customer service to set the package in our system.

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