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Learn about how CJ Dropshipping works, and start working with us. It will be quite easy.

sample order

How to Place a Sample or Testing Order?

Sample or testing orders are considered as wholesale orders in CJDropshipping! The difference is wholesale is by bulk but sample or testing order is by one […]

How to Setup the Drop Shipping Store Delivery Policy to Customers?

Drop shipping is one of the most amazing platforms that has seen individuals rise from mere business people to notable brands that are respected all around […]

Why Tracking Number is Not Working? Sync Tracking Numbers Before or After Dispatching

Someone may be confused about why a tracking number is not working. The article will answer the question. There are two ways to synchronize the order […]

Multiple Business Models, Various Affiliate Merits

Since the update of CJ Affiliate at the end of May, I figure you all have experienced its benefits to some degree. From what I have […]