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Get Started – Overview of CJDropshipping.com

CJ Dropshipping is a comprehensive website to help every drop shippers from start to success. Product sourcing, warehousing, order processing and shipping, literally everything involved. Now, […]

How to Sync CJ’s Inventory Levels to Your Shopify Store

Good day, everyone! For Shopify merchants who have been working with CJ to fulfill the store orders, we’re glad to inform you that now we can […]

How to Submit a Ticket to CJ Support Team?

This is a message carrying important information to introduce the function of CJ ticket in CJ dropshipping. When you are using CJ dropshipping to connect your […]

How to Connect Your eBay Store to CJ Dropshipping APP?

Note:Before starting to connect your eBay store to CJ app, please make sure that the registered store name on CJ is consistent with your eBay store […]