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Hair Treatment Serum - No Rinse with Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils - Vitamins A C E Pro B5 - Conditioner for Women & Men 2024NEW.

Hair Treatment Serum Q&A

Q: Conditioner Replacement?

A: This hair serum can control frizz, boost shine, and aidin styling and straightening, but it's not a replacement fortraditional conditioner.

Q: Visible Results Timeline

A: Visible results can be seen after 3 uses, with someexperiencing them after the first use. Results depend onhair damage, type, and length.

Q: Frequency of Use for Awesome Results

A: Use one capsule after each hair wash (recommendedtwice a week for medium-length hair). Using it morewon't improve results.

Q: Fragrance Intensity and Compatibility with Perfume

A: The fragrance starts strong but fades after styling.lt's mild and won't mix with perfumes. After several usesit becomes barely noticeable.

Q: Use on Dry but Oily Roots

A: Absolutely! Apply a small dose on damp hair.focusing on ends, not roots. This can help control oilinesseven if your hair is dry. Use twice a week for best results.

Salon Finish-Achieve a salon-worthy finish with our hairserum, ensuring your luscious locks stay silky smooth andirresistibly soft for every occasion.

Easy Application-Simplify your hair care routine with ouruser-friendly serum capsules. Just apply after washing,then style or dry your hair as desired-no rinse needed!

Safe for All Hair Types-Experience the magic of ourserum, meticulously designed for all hair types- straight.wavy, curly, frizzy, dyed, and more!

Nourishing Formula-Unlock the secret to healthy hair with30 capsules enriched with avocado, macadamia, arganoil, and essential vitamins. Support damaged hair repaireffortlessly.

Glamorous Gift Choice-Treat your friends to the gift ofluxurious hair! Our hair oil treatment makes for aglamorous and thoughtful present that will be lovedloved, loved.

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Sevich Hair Treatment Serum - No Rinse With Argan Macadamia Avocado Oils - Vitamins A C E Pro B5 - Conditioner For Women & Men Haircare Fragrance Smooth Silky Gift

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