Why Us Instead of Aliexpress

Difficult to talk with different vendors

  • You need to get only one partner because you need to focus on marketing, you will not spend too much time on talking with different partners.

Different products in one parcel, and save shipping

  • Customers feel wired to get different parcels when they placed one order at the same store. We can combine orders for you, we can put different products into one same parcel, it will save your time, shipping cost and the customer will be happy with that. When you have a problem with orders, you need not contact different vendors, we are the only one after-sale for you, take care of everything. We can source for you with a lot of different prices and with a lower price than Aliexpress or eBay. Make your store more reliable.

Aliexpress will not be cheap anymore

  • Aliexpress is becoming harder and harder for drop shipping since Aliexpress is on the way to retail directly, the products price there will not be cheaper anymore, each vendor there are forced to become a brand company. You will be unable to find cheaper products in following years. Aliexpress probably will not be your vendors in the following years. You need to keep your margin and need to get a reliable drop shipping partner. Why not go forward with us, since we can source anything for you providing you with a better price than Aliexpress vendors. We have around 200 cooperated factories. And located in Yiwu Market, the center of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, which is famous for jewelry and commodity manufacturing in the world. We can source and provide over 80% consumer product with the factory drop shipping price.

Too much competitor when scaling up

  • You will be very easy to get a competitor from Aliexpress, since Aliexpress record all the order history of the products you had ordered on it. When you scale up, they will be a highlight this product and other Facebook marketer will follow up your step, and sell the same products at a lower price than you.

Reject your payment 

  • Aliexpress always reject your payment when you place a lot of orders. These make your tool mess up, and you will feel very annoying. Wasted your time and you will feel mad where to re-start.

Long processing time

  • Long time Aliexpress also need to verify your payment before the order status becoming waiting for the shipment. It normally takes around 12-24 hours. That means the Aliexpress vendor will take longer processing time.

Bad communication

  • We have powerful help teams, you can talk with us instantly by Skype, WhatsApp for faster communication.