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What is the Most Headache in the Drop shipping Business? — Shipping Method Development History

With the development of drop shipping, drop shipping is getting more and more strict. People will have to think of improving the shipping speed to make the buyers happy. No one would like to wait for the long term delivery. Let’s have an example of shipping to the USA from China, the average delivery time changed from 3 weeks in 2014 to 5-10 days now.

2013-2015:Free products + shipping, The shipping method is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus.

Dropshipping was a great business model from 2013 or 2014. At that time, CJ was very small and just working in a very small room. And people just use a Products Free + Shipping. This was a great strategy, drop shippers promote small and cheap items with price ZERO and pay 9.9 dollars as shipping from China. Most of the small items were Jewelry (That is why CJ found the dropshipping niches and focusing on dropshipping, the previous CJ company name is Yiwu Cute Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

Drop shippers using Oberlo to place the orders on Aliexpress, and choose the Free Shipping option when placing an order. And the AliExpress vendors mostly using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, it is a post mail shipping without any tracking information once the items pass through the Chinese Custom. This shipping method is only available for a few popular countries. It is as cheap as 0.4 USD for a ring delivers to the USA. At that time it works, because people in the USA can buy a cheap product and Facebook, PayPal has not setup strict limits on dropshipping. The China Post Ordinary Small Packet shipping method was hosted by Aliexpress.

2015-2017: ePacket and China Post Registered Air Mail

After 2015, with the drop shipping volume increasing, drop shippers get more and more complaints about the items not delivered when items shipped by China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. And some of the drop shippers are getting PayPal or Facebook account suspended. Then Free Products + Shipping was not working anymore. But there is still the potential of drop shipping, since the drop shippers are not that much, and Facebook ads cost was not that high.

Drop shippers are still in the blue market, they changed a shipping method to ePacket. The ePacket was a good choice of 2.3 USD to the USA with 2-3 weeks of delivery. The issue is this shipping method is not that stable, and shipping price changed, and stuck always, some of them are always moving already in China for half a month and then come out of China. And when the peak season is coming, a lot of orders are stuck in Chicago Airport for a month to get them distributed. And ePacket is only available to 16 countries at that time.

China Post Registered Air Mail is another posting service than China Post Ordinary packet plus, the difference is that China Post Registered Air Mail is trackable. However, the most painful issue is that the tracking information of China Post Registered Air Mail is unavailable to the Top 5 Dropshipping Countries ( USA, Australia, Germany, France, UK). It is a little cheaper than ePacket, but it was not a good choice for dropshipping.

2017-2018: ePacket and Yanwen, Aliexpress Shipping, Special Line.

Facebook rule changes a lot, some old drop shippers gradually cannot adapt to the changes, some in and some out. But everything is getting better to this business model, Facebook is getting more and more strict about the customer purchasing experience. Drop shippers still using ePacket because of the price, it is cheap because it belongs to Universal Postal Union–UPU. The third part company has no resources to ship each country with cheap price. Yanwen is a faster shipping method than ePacket, it is a company that organized a good shipping company together and cooperated with many e-commerce platforms in China. Their shipping methods is about the Special Line. Shipping is a good choice for shipping to Europe fast and guaranteed, the price is good but it works only on Aliexpress.

The special line only works for top countries, drop shippers get a bulk shipment from China to the destination country and then open them up in the post office for distribution. This shipping method is good because of everything controllable, shipping company decides the shipment to go out of China very shortly instead of ePacket sometimes workaround in China for half a month. Also, it can against the peak season stuck when most of the commerce package shipped by ePacket. With these shipping methods developing, drop shippers has not to use ePacket.

2018-2019: CJPacket, Special Line, Jewel Shipping and the USA warehouse.

CJDropshipping considers PRODUCTS QUALITY, SHIPPING QUALITY, SERVICE QUALITY as the most important three values. We check stricter in quality before processing the orders. Shipping is always the main problem, 70% of drop shipping orders are coming to the USA. Then CJ launched up their own shipping methods than ePacket. Last month, CJPacket is only available to the USA, and now it is available to most Europe and other countries, the shipping time to the USA is so fast that the average time is reduced to 5-10 days.

The special line is also more and more popular than ePacket, you can see a lot of ePacket complaints and people do not like it anymore. Jewel Shipping to the USA is also very fast and cheap, it is a new thing to drop shipping field. Also with the Facebook rule, they do not like to drop shipping from China anymore. That is why using the USA warehouse would be a future.

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