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All You Want to Know about Custom Packaging

Create Date: 2020-01-30 06:27:06 Last Edited: 2021-04-27 11:00:58

Custom packaging is really a hot point that is concerned about because it helps to build up your own brand or make your products different from others and provide an impressive impression to customers. So in this article, CJ shows you how this feature works and answers the questions you are most concerned about.

First of all, you need to know how to do custom packaging. There are three steps to do custom packaging, but before start these please make sure that you have authorized your store, connected the products in your store or finished sourcing in CJ.

Step 1 Find Custom packaging from the left navigation bar in My CJ, you can find three subfields in this column-Design Model, Pre-Designed Packaging and My Custom Packaging.

You can find our existing packaging options in Pre-Designed Packaging, if you do not need custom logo on the package, you can purchase the package directly; if you want custom logo, you should talk to your agent, give him or her the SKU number, and then your agent will upload it to the Design Model.

And what if you don’t find the packaging you want? That’s easy, you can send packaging to your agent, whether it’s an image or a link, whether you find on CJ or anywhere, our team will source it and upload it to the Design Model.  

Step 2 After upload the package product to the Design Model, you can start designing your package. Choose a package, and start designing, you can upload image and add text, input product name, and then save. Then your designed package will show in My Custom Packaging.

Step 3 Find products from the top navigation bar of My CJ, connect your products to your designed package. There is one point you should pay attention to, you need to purchase the package first, then your orders are able to be fulfilled. If you don’t buy packages, that is to say, if the inventory of custom package is 0, even you link your products with the custom package, your products will be sent out without custom package.

In addition, there are some most frequent questions we received from our clients, and we will answer the questions one by one.

Q1: Could I put my logo on the custom package?

Definitely. As is just demonstrated, you can design your own logo on the package after your agent uploads the package to the Design Model.

Q2: Could I have my logo on the original packaging?

Yes, you can. Just send us your logo, and we will mark your orders.

Q3: Do you have MOQ for custom packaging?

Some require MOQ, like cards, tags and labels, these light and cheap items require mass production.

Some packages do not require MOQ, some high-value packages like gift boxes, we can start with one piece.

And we have no MOQ for some common packaging like mailbag that in perennial stock.

Q4: What’s the cost?

It depends on the styles of packaging and the quantity you order, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

Q5: Do I have to pay for extra shipping fee?

Well, if the package is a gift box or paper bag, which is heavy, we will charge for extra weight; but cards, tags and labels, these light items do not require extra shipping fees.

Q6: I do not want other people to see my packaging, is it workable?

Yes, we can upload the packaging only for you, others will not see.

Q7: Can I buy inventories of custom packages?

Sure, and we suggest you buying package inventory because if you don’t have inventory, we should wait for the custom packages, and then process the order, the fulfill time will be longer.

Q8: Which warehouse should I choose when purchasing custom packages?

Now we only have printing machines in Yiwu warehouse, if you purchase less quantity, you should choose Yiwu warehouse, if your products are electronics, and you buy large inventory, you should choose Shenzhen warehouse. But to avoid unnecessary delay, we suggest you’d better ask your agent for sure before you place the order.

That’s all the information about custom packaging. It is a very personalized service. For further information, you can visit our branding page and feel free chatting with specific agent in charge of this service, she will answer all your questions about custom packaging.

And guys, if you have interests in any other topics, whatever our services or trending products, leave a comment.