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FAQs for Custom Packaging

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Date Created: Dec. 29, 2020 19:54:12 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:22:51

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What if I choose the wrong warehouse for the package?

Don't worry, you can contact your agent to change the warehouse of your package in our system. But please double-check the warehouse when you set the package order.

2. What if there isn't my preferred package in your system?

You can contact your agent or the customized package agent and tell him or her about your preferred package. Then he or she will come to our supplier and check if there is the one you want. After that, your agent will confirm with you the price, MOQ, and other package details. If you like it, your agent will add it to our system. The following procedure will be the same as above.

3. Why is there a MOQ of some packages?

We have the printing machine in our Chinese warehouse, but we can only print the simple logo on some specific packages, such as the zip bag, shipping bag, paper box, and so on. However, we can't print the logo on some materials, such as cloth bags, stickers. So we may need the factory's help. That's why they require the MOQ.

Also, if you want to customize the size of your package, usually it may require a MOQ.

4. Will there be customized packages in Excel order or orders placed manually?

Yes, as long as you have connected the package with the product in SKU List.

5. Can I combine orders or split orders if this order has a customized package?

Yes, you can combine orders with customized packaging.

6. Is it possible to make one specific package only visible to me?

Sure. You can tell your agent or our customized package agent or customer service to set the package in our system.

7. If the shipping cost has been increased a lot, can I choose to not use the package?

Yes, you can click "Remove the Package" to move the package from the orders.

8. What if I forgot to connect the package when my orders are synced?

You can go to Products > Store Products > Unconnect to connect the package. Back to "Store Orders- Imported Orders", click "Modify" product SKU, copy the SKU and paste again (Don't change anything) and then refresh the page.

9. How can I delete my package design?

We don't support deleting your package design because it may cause some mistakes. But you can contact your agent to help remove it manually.

10. What's the processing time of custom packaging?

It may depend on which kinds of customized packages you want. 

If you choose the packaging without design, it usually takes a short time from the supplier to our warehouse. 

If you choose the customized packaging that needs production from the factory, it may take longer because they need time to produce them. And it varies, about 5~20 days. 

If your customized packaging is printed in our own warehouse, it may take about 3~8 days to be stocked. 

Please note you may need to purchase the packaging inventory before you import your orders to CJ. 

11. Why can't I pay for packages when I place an order?

It will take some time to produce Custom packages. Then, packages will arrive at our warehouse. So you need to buy packages inventory before if you want to place orders with custom packages. See more information here. And you don't need to pay for it when you place orders. 

12. What if I want to change the custom packaging?

a. Connect the new packaging for the product in the order by Products-Connection or SKU List;

b. In Imported Orders, click "Modify" the product;

c. Copy and paste the SKU, then click "Confirm" and refresh.

13. I have my own supplier of packaging, can I send the packaging to your warehouse?

Yes, you can. We may charge you some service fees depending on the value of your packaging. To get more details, please contact your agent or customer service.

14. How to bulk connect the packaging for products?

  • a. Go to Products > Store Products/My Products;
  • b. Select the products that you want to use the same packaging;
  • c. Click "Packaging Connection."

15. How would the order be packaged when a customer orders accessories and apparel in the same order?

In this case, you may need to connect different size package for accessories and apparel separately and choose "Applied to products" when connecting. If you choose "Applied to order", we will put the products in the same order into one custom packaging when it's enough to fill in. 

Click for more details about how the custom packaging is applied.

Should you have any problems, please contact our agent for help.