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Useful Information on Shopee & Lazada

1498 4 mins article
Date Created: 2021-01-20 09:08:01 Last Edited: 2021-08-26 02:27:36

Shopee and Lazada are the leading e-commerce online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia.

CJ always attaches great importance to the Southeast Asian market. For your interest, we have collected some common questions and answers here.

1. Available country;

2. Shipping time;

3. Private inventory;

4. Authorization Failed;

5. Listing Failed;

6. Unable to choose shipping methods.


1. Available country:

The answer is Thailand and Indonesia. There are strict requirements about processing time, pickup time, shipping method, and country limitation. So far, only Thailand and Indonesia work well. We are trying our best to work with other countries.

For Shopee Thailand, you can ship from China warehouse. But those orders must be pre-sale and the delivery time is longer than usual.

2. Shipping time:

The delivery time from the local warehouse is 2-3 days. Thai pre-sale orders are shipped from China with a delivery time of 10-15 days.

3. Private inventory:

You can buy private inventory and stock in our Thai warehouse. Because of the logistic problem, we cannot stock your private inventory in our Indonesia warehouse currently. The policy to use our Thai warehouse is no less than 10pcs for a variant and no less than 100pcs for a total.

If you have Shopee stores in Thailand or Indonesia, you can authorize your store to CJ and list products to your store. Here are specific steps about the authorization of Shopee and Lazada. Sometimes, you may face some problems. Here we offer the solutions for you.

4. Authorization Failed:

If the error information is the Invalid link, you need to enter the OTP within the time limit. It expires in 1 minute.


5. Listing Failed:

a. If the error information is Invalid shopid or Invalid account status, it means that the shop account has been frozen. Thus, you need to appeal to the Shopee platform.


b. Check if your account is active or not. Your store may be inactive, so you need to check your store status first.


c. Duplicate SKU. You may have listed this product before, or there is one product sharing the same SKU in your store. Please check the product in your store first.


6. Cannot choose shipping methods:

Click "Update" in CJ Dropshipping Center. Select that order and update shipping. Problem will be fixed.


If choose to ship from the China warehouse, you need to choose pre-order in CJ as well as in your Shopee platform, as the minimum order delivery time will be more than 15 days.

If you have any other questions, please turn to our online agents