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How to Learn Dropshipping with Facebook Group?

174 3 mins article
Date Created: 2021-3-04 9:19:48 Last Edited: 2021-3-22 3:33:47

A successful drop-shipping business requires sellers to understand their customers, know the associated costs, and develop a good relationship with their suppliers.

For newbies of dropshipping, the easiest way to study dropshipping and their suppliers is learning courses or ask the community for help. The Facebook group offers a solution for you to gain systematic knowledge from different mentors and get responses from those who are experienced.

CJdropshipping group is such a group as it’s always improving the Guides (Units) and invited mentors around the world to share their experience in different languages.

For better understanding how CJdropshipping Facebook group can help you, we will introduce three parts:

1. Guides;

2. Mentorship;

3. Topics.


1. Guides

This is a collection of recommended posts and articles to deliver organized content to our members. Here you can have an introduction to CJ’s services and how you can use CJ App. Based on the platforms we integrated, CJ listed specific solutions on the product listing, order fulfillment, and shipping time.


2. Mentorship

We started our mentorship at our CJ School first and invited our mentors to join in the group. They concentrate on different dropshipping fields. For example, some carry more importance to eBay dropshipping while some perform well in conversion rate. You can check their channel or click "Start Conversation" to get direct advice.

For a full list of our mentors, please visit: http://cjdropship.com/


3. Topics

It organizes the posts in a thematic way and makes it easy for members to find popular topics they are interested in. 

Here is a shortlist of topics we recommend:

  1. tipoftheday (useful tips to work with CJ App effectively);
  2. productreport (a list of winning or promising products);
  3. shippingtime (latest discussion on the current shipping time).


Facebook also offers various post types for users, so you can ask questions, ask for recommendations for your opening store, make a poll, etc.


With any uncertainties, you can contact your agent for help. Also, any of your questions or suggestions are welcome to our Facebook group.