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How to Combine Orders on CJ for the Same Receiver?

436 4 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-29 11:24:41 Last Edited: 2021-5-13 5:14:26

You can combine orders before payment when your customer places two or more orders and wants to receive them in one package. Besides, order combinations will save shipping costs.

Here are the general steps:

1. Select the orders you want to combine;

2. Check order information > Combine;

3. Check it in Imported Orders.


1. Select orders you want to combine in Imported Orders. Significantly, the combined orders must be in the same store with the same shipping info. Otherwise, it will fail.


2. Check order information carefully, especially the packaging types and your order number.

For packaging types, there are Connection and SKU List. The system will automatically identify your product packaging after the combination. 

For your order number, the system will generate a new CJ order number, which only corresponds to one store order number (You can choose the store order number if you have connected your store to CJ). You can check the store order number under Dropshipping Center > Imported Orders.

Finally, click Combine.


3. Check the combined order and add it to the cart. Automatically, the order begins with "HB" after the combination of Imported Orders.

Please note that the tracking number may be only synced to one of the orders in your store. You need to upload the tracking number manually and mark it as fulfilled for other orders. We also support splitting the combined orders to what it was before.

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