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How to Connect WooCommerce by Default?

3087 5 mins article
Date Created: 2020-12-29 11:4:18 Last Edited: 2021-5-26 5:49:7

WooCommerce is well-integrated with CJ. After authorization, your orders can be synced to CJ and we will fulfill your order as you like. There are two methods to authorize a WooCommerce store: by default and by OAuth Plugin. Here we will introduce how to connect by default.

Here are the general steps:

1. Go to Authorization on CJ to add stores;

2. Choose "Default" as the authorization method;

3. Fill in Site URL and keys;

4. Click "Authorize" to finish. 

Specific Steps:

1. Go to My CJ > Authorization > WooCommerce at the left sidebar. 


2. Choose "Default" as the authorization method. You can authorize one store at a time.


3. Fill in your store URL and keys. For URL, please exclude "https://". The keys include consumer key and consumer secret. Both of them can be acquired at your WooCommerce store. 

a. Go to your WooCommerce Dashboard > Settings;


b. Go to Advanced and click REST API and Add key.


c. Remember to fill in the description and allow Read/Write permission, which is necessary for successful authorization.


d. Generate API key to fill them on the CJ Authorization page. Don't forget to copy those keys since they will be hidden once you left the page. 

4. After all the operations, click "Authorize" and things will be well done. Then, you can choose to list CJ products on your store or connect your existing items with CJ items. After you set up automatic order fulfillment, the orders will be synced into the CJ system automatically.

When there is a problem with your authorization, you may use OAuth Plugin to authorize. 

Feel free to contact our online support if you have any other questions.