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How to Use Video/Photo Shooting Service?

29924 4 mins article
Date Created: Dec. 29, 2020 19:54:27 Last Edited: Aug. 09, 2023 07:10:48

Are you still coveting videos/photos of Facebook Campaigns? You should have your unique videos/photos for publicity. Now, CJ is providing a photography service that enables you to own photos or videos for the picked product. Also, some free product videos are available here.

Basically, you can post a photography request for: 

1. Existing product on CJ;

2. Your store product and individual product.

The following are the detailed introductions for how to post a photography request for each type of product.


1. For existing products on CJ.

You can post a photography request on the product page directly. We accept both video and photo shooting requests. You can leave a message if you have specific requests.


There are two versions for videos/photos, namely, original ones, and non-original ones. You may select either one in line with your demand.


2. For your store product and individual product.

You can go to My CJ > My Photography to post a photography request here for existing products in your store or any individual products.

a. For products in your store. 

You can choose products synced from the store which has been authorized previously to post photography requests, while the connection status of the products can be found on the thumbnails, as products connected have the little pin icon on the right bottom, while the products yet to be connected have nothing.

For unconnected products, a sourcing request will be posted when you submit a photography request. 

b. Individual products.

Basically, your request will only be accepted and quoted when the product can be sourced successfully, thus a product URL is required while posting requests for individual products, and a sourcing request will be posted automatically at the same time. Sourcing requests will be handled within 24 hours, and you can find out the status of your sourcing requests in My CJ > Sourcing.


You can find your submitted requests in My Photography and pay for the quoted requests.


The following steps are the same as the two types above. 

Our photographers will review your requests and respond with a quotation if your request is accepted within 1 working day. You can contact them in the chatroom: CJ Photographer

(Business hours: 9:00 - 18:00, GMT+8, Mon - Fri) 

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.