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User Agreement of Product Customization

This is a supplementary agreement between CJ and its users relating to product customization. When you customize products on CJ, you shall comply with the following terms and conditions.

I. Definition

Products Customization is a service that CJ entrust third-party suppliers to produce products based on your customization requests submitted on CJ (including but not limited to creative requirements on appearance, pattern, color, size, material, etc.)

II. General Provisions

1. CJ will review the marketability and feasibility of your customization and communicate with you about your request. Meanwhile, you are supposed to actively communicate with CJ or CJ will decline your customization request without any responsibilities.

2. You shall guarantee that your request submitted (including but not limited to your requirements on appearance, pattern, material, color, etc.) shall not infringe any legal rights (such as intellectual property) of any parties and solely bear all liabilities and costs. CJ doesn't take any responsibilities and has the right to claim compensation from you for all arising costs.

3. CJ has the right to stop shipment and not refund you once CJ finds the request submitted may be suspected of infringing any legal rights of other parties or violating any relevant policies of CJ.

4. You agree that you shall not change your request after it is confirmed by CJ and bear all additional costs of any changes with the approval of CJ.

5. CJ is dutiful to entrust suppliers to produce the product when your request is approved. Meanwhile, you are obliged to communicate with CJ for a reasonable solution due to the MOQ limit of the supplier. If the communication fails, CJ has the right to directly stop your customization request without any responsibilities.

6. Once the sample is delivered, you are supposed to check it timely. If the product fails to meet your requirement, CJ can help negotiate with the supplier for a solution. However, CJ has the right to stop your requests if the final sample doesn't meet your requests and will not refund any fees including but not limited to the sample fee, mold fee, and other fees.

7. You shall be responsible for the completeness of the customized request submitted on CJ and CJ shall not bear any responsibility when the product fails to meet your requirement due to the wrong or unclear description.

8. CJ is obliged to inform you of the delivery delay of customized products or samples arising from the third-party supplier and shall not bear any responsibility for late delivery.

9. CJ may offer product shooting services for promotion in accordance with your requirements made in advance. Besides, CJ has the right to shot pictures and videos and make product pages by CJ's standards. CJ owns the intellectual property of the abovementioned pictures, videos, pages, etc. After being authorized by CJ, you can use those pictures, videos, and pages. Otherwise, CJ reserves the right to pursue infringement liability against you.

10. CJ and the third-party suppliers are validly authorized by you to separately produce or sell the product based on your customization requests and ideas (including but not limited to creative requirements on appearance, pattern, color, size, material, etc.)

11. CJ may offer a three-month duration during which the product is only visible to you. After it, CJ has the right to make the product visible to all if you don't place orders within 3 months.