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How to List Products to eBay?

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Date Created: Jan. 15, 2021 17:41:49 Last Edited: Mar. 06, 2024 11:34:59

Please find the process of listing products to your eBay store below:

1. Authorize your eBay store on CJ;

2. Choose one product and click List on the product page;

3. Tick all the variants and complete the options;

4. Click List it Now, and find the product in the Listing Records / Store Products modules and in your store.


1. If you just need to list a part of the variants, you would need to click Edit before Listing to fill in the required information.

2. Listing products to eBay has been suspended on App, but it will not affect the operation on the Web.

Specific steps:

1. Authorize your eBay store on CJ.


2. Find the product you want and click 'List' on the product page.


3. Tick all the variants and complete the options.

a. Select the listing site (can be found on eBay's Seller Hub > Overview) of your eBay store. The currency type of the product price will be updated according to the listing site selected.

b. Please make sure the total quantity of the product listed does not exceed the listing limit on eBay as products will be removed once the inventory runs out. Click here to get more information about the listing limit (quota) on eBay.

c. Fill in the UPC/EAN code (if required).

The UPC/EAN code is dynamically generated by eBay upon product category.

  • You could click the yellow icon beside the UPC box to learn more about it.
  • Please contact eBay support to get the code.
  • You could also fill in “Does Not Apply” if you cannot get the code. (Temporary solution)

d. Choose a shipping method and fill in the rest of the required information.

Note: You can also edit the postage policy on eBay.

4. Click 'List it Now' before you can find it in your eBay store.

Note: If you only want to list part of the variants, you can click Edit Before Listing (the button beside the List it Now).

Then you'll be directed to the following page.

Remember to make sure that you have filled in all the required information before you click List it Now to submit.



Due to the various limitations set by eBay, you're likely to encounter some listing problems. To this connection, we've sorted the problems out and put the corresponding solutions in this tutorial.

Please feel free to consult our agents in our Chatroom for any suggestions regarding your experience in our system or services.