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How to Connect with CJ for My Bundle Products?

572 3 mins article
Date Created: 2021-2-20 9:36:11 Last Edited: 2021-2-23 6:1:38

There're many ways to make product promotion/marketing. For dropshippers, to increase sales, you may consider combining several related items into one and run your ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and other social platforms. 

However, on CJ, we don't have the same product portfolio as your plan for you to connect. So what should you do?

Let's learn about bundle products. In the following part, it will contain:

1. What are Bundle Products?

2. What products can be bundled?

3. How to get bundle products?

What are Bundle Products?

Simply, it is a mix of some SKUs on CJ to satisfy your marketing demands. It will include multiple items that have a strong correlation to produce a new SKU as the main SKU, and the other SKUs become the secondary SKU.

What products can be bundled?

There are two possible situations:

1. "Buy one get two" plan;

It is the most common promotional tool for sellers. In this case, it's no need to make a new SKU, and we can help add the quantity in SKU to make a special variant.

For example, Whitening Foot Mask, SKU: CJJJJTJT10299-Lavender only contains 1 piece. It's possible to add variants according to the quantity, like 2pcs/3pcs/4pcs/5pcs/6pcs as you need. 


2. Bundle similar products into one;

Here we will take beauty cleansing as an example.

The followings are the single items of beauty cleansing, so they own their own SKUs.

a. Ultrasonic Cleansing Device with SKU: CJBJPFMB00537-Black

b. Beauty cleansing tools with SKU:  CJBJMRDD00019-A Style 

c. Cleansing instrument with SKU: CJBJPFMB00432-Pink

These items may have a good performance if they are sold in one set, and it will be convenient for a customer to purchase. So, we help make a bundle of products with a new main SKU: CJBJPFMB00537-Tools set 1.


It seems very easy, how to get it done?

To avoid confusion, only your agent can help to add the variants or create a new main SKU with your requirements.

If you have such promotional plans, please let your agent know and he/she will help make it.