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Package Size
230*95*60(1mm); 250*110*80(1mm)


4-in-1 multi-purpose: the soft brush surface is made of flannel, which can penetrate into every gap in the screen mesh. It can also be used as a cotton brush to remove dust and hair on clothes, sofas, carpet beds, etc. It can be dried for light dust removal and maintenance cleaning, or it can be wetted for thorough cleaning, It can be dry for mild dust removal and maintenance cleaning, or wet for thorough cleaning

Wet and dry dual purpose: Multi-functional dust brush cleaner has both dry and wet functions, customers can choose according to actual needs. Dry use can be used to clean the screen and fluff, for dust removal and maintenance cleaning. It can also get brush wet, treat windows and tiles, improve dust removal efficiency, and deal with years of dust accumulation.

The soft brush surface is made of flannel and can penetrate into every gap of the screen window mesh, also can use as a lint brush, to remove dust and hair from clothes, sofas, rugs beds etc.

Easy installation: the cleaning brush can be installed only by inserting four handles, and is equipped with a detachable extension handle, which can be used according to the actual length. The head is equipped with a small brush, which can be used to clean narrow spaces such as gaps. The tail is equipped with a long and small brush, which can be used to scrub the large brush without washing with water, saving cleaning time.

Widely used: the multi-function screen brush can be used in homes and cars. At home, you can clean screen windows, sofas, seats, desktops, ceramic tiles, etc. The brush can be used to clean windows, seats, etc. Brushes can meet the basic needs of car and indoor cleaning

Product information:

Material: Plastic
Color: 1 hair removal brush
Style: Modern and minimalist
Size: 45 * 18cm

Packing list:


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4 In 1 Multifunctional Hair Removal Brush Pet Dog Cat Hair Cleaner Brush Cat Hair Remover Window Screen Cleaning Tool Gadgets

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