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Product information:

Material: Microfiber
Style : Unisex
Pattern: plain
Colour: Black
Size: 13.5X9.5CM (CM)
Scope of application: Smart phones, bank cards, disk readers and other daily electronic items that you carry with you.

1. Anti-radiation: The use of this mobile phone bag prevents the mobile phone signal from radiating to the human body and avoids the damage to human health caused by mobile phone radiation. It is favored and loved by pregnant women and ensures the healthy growth of the fetus.
2. Anti-degaussing: The mobile phone is placed in the bag, and the magnetic bank card can be placed in another bag, which shields any scanning, and the magnetism will not disappear. The confidential magnetic card information will not be leaked, and it is the protection of users carrying magnetic cards such as ID cards. .
3. No signal: It can block the mobile phone signal, and the reply is "the call cannot be connected". The mobile phone is in a state of no signal, not turned off, not disturbed by the incoming call, and avoids the misunderstanding of the caller. In real life, as long as the mobile phone or PHS is connected Put it in the bag, the special nano-barrier layer will automatically block the radio waves, so that you can enter the do-not-disturb service without turning off the machine; with the diversification of modern life, some bosses, managers and individuals engaged in business, public relations, etc. Leisure time is getting less and less. If the phone is turned off under special circumstances, it will be misunderstood as deliberate avoidance, and even cause suspicion from bosses, colleagues, friends, lovers, wives, and business partners. After using the mobile phone rest bag, when others use arbitrary When a communication tool calls your mobile phone or PHS, you will receive a prompt that the user you are calling is temporarily unavailable, please call again later. Leisure time, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by shutting down for no reason, will bring unexpected convenience to your life and work.

Packing list:

Key anti-theft bag x1

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Car Key Signal Blocker Case Faraday Cage Fob Key Bag RFID Locking Bag

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