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Small size and large capacity, high-frequency vibration 45000HZ, 360" three-dimensional cleaning
On-site cleaning, watches, jewelry, glasses, razors, baby pacifiers, various items that accompany us in life, stains hidden on the surface and in the gaps, daily cleaning is difficult to remove, affecting our mood and health. The ultrasonic cleaner will make your personal belongings look new
Touch button design-simple and convenient
Inherit the Nordic design style, without complicated, simple, natural, and textured sculptures

One key operation
Men's cleaning: watches, glasses, shaving heads, and deep cleaning help you regain your charm
Note: long-term use of paper towels and clothing to clean glasses and lenses will wear out; when cleaning the watch, please take off the lower body and the strap to clean separately
Ladies cleaning: clean jewelry, watches, and makeup brushes help you regain elegance and confidence
Baby cleaning: clean pacifiers chew teeth, children's toys, baby use healthier
45000HZ vibration frequency-efficient cleaning: high-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid, forming a 50500um bubble, which expands and breaks under the action of sound pressure, and the instantaneous impact force can reach 1000 atmospheres. Continuously clean the surface of the object to emulsify dust, bacteria and oil, and peel it to a micron-level gap
Efficient cleaning: The sweat deposited on the bracelet emits an unpleasant odor, the jewelry looks old under the action of oxygen, the fingerprints on the lenses turn into oil mist; the mold on the makeup brush forcibly crawls into your pores

Size: 211mm100.8mm60.2mm inside the tank
Size: 158mm * 68.5mm * 38.5mm products
Material: ABS stainless steel SUS304
Color Product size: White
Synchronization time: 3 minutes
Rated power: 15W
Rated voltage: 12V

Package List:
As shown(Does not include lid and box

Product Image:

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Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner Portable 45000Hz High-Frequency Vibration Cleaning Machine Jewelry Glasses Watch Cleaning

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