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Safe, Effective & Precise: The dog nail grinder features a low-noise motor and advanced diamond bit grinder, ensuring precise and pain-free nail trimming. The protective cap prevents over-cutting and protects your pet's sensitive nail beds. Your pet's paws will thank you for the gentle care!

Advanced 5-Speed Settings & 3 Grinding Ports: The dog nail trimmers offer an adjustable design with low-high speed options, providing powerful support for heavy grinding; the dog nail trimmer features three ports specifically designed to match the needs of small, medium, or large pets. Simply choose the appropriate port and speed based on your pet's size and the hardness of their nails.

Super Quiet & Low Vibration: With a noise level lower than 45dB and minimal vibration, this pet nail grinder ensures a calm and soothing grooming session for your furry friend. No more fear or anxiety caused by loud noises and excessive vibrations!

Rechargeable & Portable: The electric dog nail trimmer is designed for convenience with its cordless functionality, making it easily rechargeable. It features an indicator light located at the bottom, providing a clear charging status update. With each dog nail filer electric equipped with a built-in 1200mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of continuous use after a full charge.

LED Light for Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with a built-in LED light, this nail grinder for dogs quiet ensures superior visibility, enabling you to clearly see your pet's blood vessels and avoid the risk of over-grinding. With this enhanced visibility, you can confidently trim your pet's nails with precision, even in low-light conditions, ensuring their safety and comfort.

Product information:
Specifications: dark green, sky blue, pure white, girl pink
Material: Plastic
Applicable object: Dog

Packing list:
1*Pet Nail Piercing Device
Product Image:
dog grooming kit dog nail trimmers  nail grinder for small dogs pet electric nail polisher
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Dog Nail Grinder Electric Pet Nail Trimmers Rechargeable Cat Nail Grinders Super Quiet With 5-Speed Setting For Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Claw Care Pet Products

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