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DURABLE MATERIAL & THICKENED LARGE BARN - To ensure long-term use and pet health and safety, both ends of the dumbbell treat dispensing dog toy and dog treat dispenser toy are made of durable non-toxic nylon. And we thickened and enlarged the ABS barn in the middle. The soft rubber roller design of the Dog Enrichment Toy for Small Breeds makes rolling quieter during play. This dog treats toy and enrichment toy is suitable for small to medium-sized pets.

ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY - This interactive dog toy grabs your dog's attention and keeps them entertained by making them roll like crazy. The size of the leak can be adjusted to increase the difficulty, extending the playtime and challenging the dog's intelligence. This toy is perfect for medium-sized dogs and is designed to keep them busy for hours.

Mental Stimulation and Anxiety Relief -This smart dog puzzle is a training tool for large dogs that helps improve intelligence and problem-solving skills. It encourages your pet to push for food and is also great for relieving anxiety and boredom. It's perfect for dogs who are home alone and provides mental and physical stimulation.

Slow Feeding and Improved Digestion - Dog puzzle toys for medium-sized dogs and small dogs are a great way to improve digestion and prevent overeating. They promote healthy digestion by decreasing the speed of eating and encouraging more playtime. The screw design of the toys increases difficulty and promotes more fun during mealtime.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Our dog puzzles are designed for easy use. Simply place kibble in the toy and your dog will chase it to get to the food. The toy rolls when pushed by your dog.

Product information:
Color: Lake Blue in stock, red in stock, teether ball in stock
Material: Plastic
Category: Pet Toys

Packing list:
Leakage ball * 1 

Product Image: 
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Food Dispensing Dog Toy Tumbler Leaky Food Ball Puzzle Toys Interactive Slowly Feeding Protect Stomach Increase Intelligence Pets Toy Pet Products

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