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Product Attributes
Package Size
170*40*330(1mm); 170*40*660(1mm)

Product Information:
Input voltage: 4.5 (V)
Type: LED tree light
Luminous flux: 10 (LM)
Shell material: plastic
Size: 500 (mm)
Lamp holder specifications: E14
Life: 10000 (H)
Protection grade: IP43
Use range: bedroom corridor decoration

Light color:
1Style: Warm white pearl 36 lights-battery + USB,
2Style: white light 108 lights-copper wire tree lights battery + USB,
3Style: 72L golden leaf tree lamp,
4Style: 36L plum tree lamp,
5Style: 24 lights LED maple tree lights,
6Style: warm white 108 lights-copper wire tree lights battery + USB,
7Style: Pink 108 lights-copper wire tree lights battery + USB,
8Style: Four-color 108 lights-copper wire tree lights battery + USB,
9Style: Pink Pearl 36 Lights-Light Tree Light Battery+USB,
10Style: 48 lights warm white-black button tree lights,
11Style: 72L metal stars,
12Style: warm white 108 lights gold branches copper wire tree lights,
13Style: 36L pearl + golden leaf tree lamp,
14Style: 60L red light love tree lamp,
15Style: 60L warm light five-pointed star tree lamp,
16Style: 60L white light snowflake tree lamp,
17Style: 60L four-color plum tree lamp,
18Style: Green Light 108 Light-Copper Wire Tree Light Battery + USB,

Note: Without battery

Packing List:
Plastic night light x1

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Gift Selection Mothers Day Gift Home Decoration Night Light In Bedroom

SPU: CJJT1296527
RRP $27.07-66.96 (Estimated Profit 512%)
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