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Package Size
200*190*130(1mm); 200*190*80(1mm)


【SOFT & COZY PET PILLOW】- This cozy pillow is great for protecting a puppy’s vertebra and is good for older and disabled pets. The sleep surface features cuddly soft quilted faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling comfort. Also restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. This small half-donut cat bed is for cats or small dogs up to 10lbs, please select the according to the actual size of the pet.

【CALMING TOYS FOR DOGS OR CATS】- This is ideal for pets who like to curl up, with a raised rim and super-soft filling, can support better sleep. Soft Pillow Bed provides a full sense of security for your pet. Make your pet friendlier, calmer, and less anxious. The small and cute shape can also be used as a toy to bring more joy to your pet.

【SAFE MATERIAL】- The plush stuffed animal pillow is securely sewn from the highest quality polyester and acrylic fabrics and filled with polypropylene plush filling. Macaron color donut shape, comfortable and elastic, with a smooth feel and delicate texture. This half-round pet bed is very ideal for a cat or small dog to snooze.

【PILLOW FOR CATS WASHABLE】- For your convenience, a Washable Pet Pillow for Small Dogs can be put into a washing machine and dryer, which can minimize Pet Calming Bed for dog odor and excess hair. Please do not let the Faux Fur Dog Bed air dry, as this action will cause fur tangles and naps.

Product Information:
Product Category: Sleeping Pillow
Material: plush
Weight: 62g
Specification: 27*17*6cm
Color: white, blue, yellow

Packing List:
Plush pet toy x1

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Little Pillow For Cats Fashion Neck Protector Deep Sleep Puppy U-Shaped Pillow Pets Pillow Kitten Headrest Dog Sleeping Pillow Pet Products

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