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Ordinary, Oversize
Package Size
370*200*100(1mm); 370*200*10(1mm); 390*385*265(1mm); 340*340*260(1mm)


1- SUPER BOUNCY BALLS: are solid with a smooth icy texture and bounce well on all different types of surfaces
2- SIZE: These brightly colored bouncy balls are not tiny like other bouncy balls. Because they are nice & big they bounce really well, higher than other balls. They can bounce pretty far if you're not watching! Kids will enjoy hours of fun playing with them
3- BRIGHT ASSORTED COLORS! GREAT FOR PARTY FAVORS: Our Super Bouncy Balls come in a variety of multicolors and are translucent. They are very useful for working hand-eye coordination and the fun bright colors make them hard to lose. Perfect toys in bulk for goody bags, birthday party favors, bulk toys for prizes and carnival prizes
4- HIGH QUALITY & FUN: Made of high-quality materials these rubber balls for kids have consistent roundness, density, bounce height, and assembly quality. They will not split easily and offer you the greatest value

Product Information:
Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, foot basket row sports, other ball games
Material: PU
Category: Basketball
Benefits: grip training/color recognition/jumping ability/hand-eye coordination

Note: Suit=Each ball has a blue box. If your customer has any color requirements, you can place an order by noting the color of the ball. If there are no requirements, we will ship it randomly

Packing List:
Basketball frame+ball Product Image:
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Silent High Density Foam Sports Ball Indoor Mute Basketball Soft Elastic Ball Children Sports Toy Games

SPU: CJYD1811187
RRP $13.35-61.86 (Estimated Profit 1011%)
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  • No 7 Basketball
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