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Product Attributes
Package Size
300*220*100(1mm); 150*150*50(1mm)

Product Name: 10 Pack Electric Grinding Accessories Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Grinding Head Tungsten Steel Carbide Rotary 3mm Handle

Double head diameter 6MM

Rod diameter: 3MM

High efficiency and high processing finish

6mmx rod 2.35mm white box 3119A
6mmx rod 3mm blue black box 3118

Mixed type: A-type cylindrical C-type cylindrical ball head D-type spherical type E-shaped oval
              F-shaped curved round head G-shaped curved tip H-shaped torch type L-shaped tapered round head
              M-shaped tapered tip N-shaped inverted cone A total of 10 shapes
Main use: Tungsten steel grinding head is widely used in industrial sectors such as machinery, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical engineering and process engraving.
(1) Finishing various metal mold cavities, such as processing shoe molds and so on.
(2) Various metal and non-metal process engraving, such as mold engraving, trimming of craft gifts.
(3) Clean the flash, burrs and welds of castings, forgings and weldments, such as machine-casting plants, shipyards, automobile factories, etc.
(4) chamfering and groove processing of various mechanical parts, cleaning of pipes, finishing of the inner hole surface of mechanical parts, such as machinery factories, repair shops, etc.
(5) Finishing of the impeller runner, such as an automobile engine factory.
 Tungsten steel grinding head has the following characteristics:
(1) can process a variety of metals (including hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble, jade, bone)
(2) It can replace the small grinding wheel with handle on a large part of the work, and there is no dust pollution.
(3) High production efficiency, dozens of times higher than the processing efficiency of the boring tool, and nearly ten times higher than the processing efficiency of the small grinding wheel with handle.
(4) The product has good processing quality and high smoothness, and can process high-precision mold cavities of various shapes.
(5) Long service life, ten times higher than the durability of high speed steel cutters, and more than 200 times higher than the durability of small grinding wheels.
(6) It is simple and convenient to use, safe and reliable, which can reduce labor intensity and improve working environment.
(7) The economic benefits are greatly improved, and the comprehensive processing cost can be reduced by several tens of times.
 Tungsten steel grinding head: mainly used on pneumatic or electric driving tools, the speed is generally 6000-50000 rpm, the tool clamping is positive when used, the cutting method is better to reverse milling, avoiding reciprocating cutting, and should be prevented during work. The chips are scattered.

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Steel Carbide Rotary Burr Set

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  • 6mmx rod 3mm
  • 6mmx rod 2.35mm
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