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【2 IN 1 Design】This innovative scooper combines cleaning and collection in one convenient tool. More than just a simple scoop, it includes extra bags for efficient one-handed cleanup of pet waste. The design also features a secure, sheltered lid that ensures the waste stays contained and doesn't fall out, making it ideal for daily use.
【Easy to Operate】This scoop enables quick and effortless cleaning of your cat's litter box with just one hand. Simply remove the scoop from the litter box after each use and dispose of the trash bag. Our user-friendly scoop makes cleaning your cat’s litter box easier than ever.
【High-Quality Material】Crafted from premium PP material, this scooper is both lightweight and durable, robust enough to handle even large chunks. Its non-slip handle technology provides a secure grip, ensuring ease and efficiency during deep cleaning sessions.
【Foldable Bottom】The trash can features a foldable bottom, saving space and allowing for more convenient placement.

Product information:
Material: PP+TPE
Applicable object: cats and dogs
Color: Grey, blue, green
Specification: 17.5x11.5x29cm

Packing list:
Litter scooper X1PCS
Product Image:


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Upgrade Widen Cat Litter Shovel Scoop With Refill Bags Large Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Cat Waste Bin System Pet Supplies Pet Products

SPU: CJYD1881119
RRP $16.17 (Estimated Profit 384%)
  • 17.5x11.5x29cm
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