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Purple light disinfection: place the toothbrush in the UV disinfectant holder. Purple light disinfection can kill 99.99% of toothbrush germs in 360 seconds. This makes your life healthier.

Easy installation: just needs to be glued with a 3M adhesive sticker (included), no holes are required and installation is easy. 5 toothbrushes can be placed simultaneously for simultaneous sterilization. Snap-in design makes it easy to take off and charge.

Large capacity battery: The package includes a USB type C, a high capacity 2000mAh battery built into the product, a long standby time and a sterilization time of up to 120 after full charge.

Safety: Built-in magnetic hall switch, the purple light turns off automatically after opening the cover, which is safer from the damage of purple light. Internal overvoltage, intelligent overcurrent safety circuit, quality assurance.

Large display: The product is equipped with a backlit digital display, a high-resolution display and timed automatic sterilization of 360 seconds. Suitable for bathrooms and ensures a clean work surface.

Product information:
Product Name: toothbrush sterilizer
Model: GL-206
Light source/wavelength: UVC: 270-285nm,UVA: 395-405nm
Charging input: USB type-c: DC 5V/1A
Battery Specification: 18650-3.7v/2000mah
Single sterilization Time: 360 seconds
Full charge sterilization frequency:>120 times
Standby time:>60 days
Product Size: 19.5*6.8 *.38cm

Packing list:
Toothbrush disinfection shelf * 1
Product Image:
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Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder Smart Toothbrush UV Sterilizer Holder Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer For Bathroom Accessories

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