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List products to your store automatically.
  • 101、How do I get details of product information?

    You're expected to find detailed descriptions of products on their product pages.

    If there are any questions, please click the "Comment" feature, then you can leave your questions there and our staff will respond to you.

    Or you could go to our Chatroom for prompt assistance.

  • 102、How can I customize packaging?

    The general process includes the steps listed below:

    1. Select packaging

    2. Design the package;

    3. Package connection;

    4. Purchase the package; 

    5. Wait for the package to arrive at our warehouse;

    6. Add your product order into the cart and make payment. 

    Find more details: How to customize packaging.

  • 103、How many sourcing requests can I post daily?

    For user LV1: 5 sourcing requests are available daily.

    For user LV2: 10 sourcing requests are available daily.

    For user LV3: 20 sourcing requests are available daily.

    For user LV4: 50 sourcing requests are available daily.

    For user LV5: unlimited sourcing requests are available daily.

    For VIP users: unlimited sourcing requests are available daily.

    You can also increase the quantity by purchasing the membership.

    Our sourcing team will find your interested products from our Cooperated Factories, Yiwu Market, 1688, Taobao, Aliexpress, and other platforms.

    Our system will automatically increase your sourcing request quantity upon the number of your orders placed on CJ.

  • 104、Why can't I move my texts or an image to the needed place for a POD product?

    The available print area for a POD product is fixed. It's OK even if the texts or images are not placed in the right place. We will still print for you in the same places as the exemplary pictures. 

    However, if any false setting of the POD product is found, please contact our customer service for help.

  • 105、How can I connect products with CJ?

    You don't need to revise the product listed in your store. Simply, you can use our connection feature. 

    The product in your store can be connected to CJ in two ways

    1. Automatic Connection
     (for products existed in CJ) ;
    2. Sourcing Connection
     (for sourcing products).
    For more details, please refer to this tutorial: Use CJ Automatic Connection Feature

    To get online assistance, click here to talk to CJ agents.

  • 106、What if I cannot find my desired products on CJ?

    Here's a guide to find products on CJ:How to Find Products on CJ?

    If you cannot find your desired product on CJ, you can post a sourcing request. Your request will be handled within 1 working day, please refer to this tutorial: How to Post a Sourcing Request on CJ?

  • 107、What should I choose in "shipping limits" when I list a product to eBay?

    The shipping limit means the postage policy in your eBay store. Please choose one in the drop-down list and it can be edited in your store.

    For more information, please refer toHow to list products to eBay?

    To get online assistance, clickhereto talk to CJ agents.

  • 108、Can I purchase from Taobao/1688 and Aliexpress?

    We support sourcing products from Taobao/1688/AliExpress with CJ chrome extension. When we source it successfully, you can purchase it on CJ. The steps should be: 

    1. Log in to CJ and go to 1688/Taobao/AliExpress by clicking 'Source More' on the top-right; 

    2. Click 'Post Sourcing Request' button on the right side of the 'Sourcing' page; 

    3. Place the order on CJ by 'Imported Orders'-'Create Orders' on the top-right.

  • 109、How to list CJ products to TikTok?

    To list a product, you need:

    1. Authorize your store;

    2. Select a product;

    3. Click "List it Now";

    4. Check the product status in your store.

    For more details, please refer to this tutorial.

  • 110、What's the service fee?

    The service fee is not an increased/additional charge, but rather a clarification of the original logistics costs. The original logistics cost is split into two sections: Shipping Fee and Service Fee( includes labor costs, quality inspection fee, packing fee, and dispatch fee). We are committed to clarifying and informing the composition of CJ logistics prices, the reasons for the higher logistics prices, and where the costs are incurred.

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