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List products to your store automatically.
  • 81、Why does my Etsy store listing fail?

    The reasons could be:

    1. Your Etsy store status is 'Draft';

    2. Language not enrolled;

    3. Authorization unavailable due to disconnection of CSHIP app;

    4. Exceeding the limit of uploading product images;

    5. Payment template unavailable.

    You can check how to solve Etsy's 'listing failed'?

  • 82、How to add Read/Write permission for WooCommerce?

    1. Go to your WooCommerce Dashboard > Settings;

    2. Select Advanced and click REST API > Add key;

    3. Select a level of access for this API key — Read/Write access.

    For more details, please find here.

  • 83、How to sync the last mile tracking number to my customers?

    Go to Orders Fulfillment, you can click to choose Sync local tracking number to your store so they can track the last mile of the package.

  • 84、How can I get notified about the product status?

    There are two methods:

    1. Turn on product notification in your profile;

    2. Check the product status for connected products, including the status in your store and on CJ.

  • 85、I just create my account but I can't log in.

    1. Please make sure the username and passwords are correct.

    2. Please make sure the login link is correct.

    3. If all is right, please give CJ support or your agent the username, email, and screenshots of the error, and we will look into the problem for you.

  • 86、Do you have a product list in CSV or Excel file?

    As CJ is updating and removing products every day, it is impractical to provide a complete product list.

    It is suggested that you look into our website for your preferred products by searching with keywords or by picture.

    Please find: Guide to finding products on CJ.

    You can post a sourcing request if you cannot find your desired products.

    To get online assistance, click here to talk to CJ agents.

  • 87、Is it possible to list products from CJ to my store?

    Sure, products from Shopify, eBay, and Woocommerce stores can be listed after authorizing your store

    Click here to learn: How to list products to Shopify.

    Click here to learn how to list products to eBay.

    And here is a tutorial stating the general procedures for how you import your orders to CJ after your customers ordered the CJ products.

    With any questions, please contact our agent for further assistance.

  • 88、Do you have any recommended products?

    Yes, various recommended products and useful tips will be updated regularly every week to promote your dropshipping business. 

    You can find them here:  

    1. Our YouTube Channel;

    2. CJ Web or Mobile App;

    3. Our Facebook Fans Page;

    4. Product report.

    BTW: Don't forget to subscribe.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact our online agent for help.

  • 89、How to pay for my orders that are synced from my sotre?

    The steps are:

    1. Go to My CJ > OrdersImported Orders;

    2. Check the shipping information > select your orders > click Add to Cart > click Submit > select a payment method and pay.

  • 90、How can I customize packaging?

    The general process includes the steps listed below:

    1. Select packaging

    2. Design the package;

    3. Package connection;

    4. Purchase the package; 

    5. Wait for the package to arrive at our warehouse;

    6. Add your product order into the cart and make payment. 

    Find more details: How to customize packaging.

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