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List products to your store automatically.
  • 71、What are CJ's efforts to avoid IP infringement?

    1. CJ prevents IP infringement from sourcing;

    2. Regular training to educate new employees;

    3. Set rewards and punishments;

    4. Enlarge the IP enforcement team.

  • 72、It says "Email address can't be used for Paypal payment at this time".

    When your listing to eBay failed due to email address, please check:

    1. If you used the same email address for eBay and CJ;

    2. If your Paypal account is restricted or suspended.

  • 73、How to find products on AliExpress to sell?

    To find products on AliExpress, you can:

    1. Search hot selling products;

    2. Search by image;

    3. Search sponsored products;

    4. Post sourcing on CJ.

  • 74、How can I manage my wishlist?

    You can create folders to manage products of different categories. Please note:
    1. When you click ♡ , the product will be added to Wishlist by default.
    2. You can move products from one to another to add products.
    3. When you delete a folder, the products included in the folder will be deleted too.

  • 75、How to source by image?

    a. Search the product on the homepage by image;

    b. Go to My CJ > Sourcing > Post Sourcing Request;

    c. Store Existing Product: click your store product;

    d. Individual Product: upload an image.

  • 76、What is Inventory Alert?

    Inventory Alert is used to make sure that you can replenish your inventory in time before there are not enough products in stock.

    When private inventory is lower than the set safety value, the Inventory Alert will notify you about this.

    For more details, please check this tutorial about setting Inventory Alert.

  • 77、How often will you update the product reports?

    Generally, we will make reports about winning products for our clients twice a month. You can also check it on CJ's homepage. In this way, it would be more convenient for you to find your winning products. What's more, it is free to view and download.

  • 78、How to set inventory safety stock?

    There are two ways to set safety stock: by current inventory and by remaining days.

    By current inventory: we will alert you as the inventory of your products is no more than the value you filled in.

    By remaining days: we will remind you when the available days of inventory are less than one purchase cycle.

  • 79、How to import products from CJ to Squarespace?

    1. Find the product and click "List";

    3. Add tags and edit your store price based on CJ product and shipping cost;

    3. Click "List it Now". 

    Check for detailed steps: How to list products to Squarespace?

  • 80、Is there an easy way to connect products?

    No multiple searches, you can just click 'connect' if the product already exists in your store to establish a product connection easily.

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