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  • 51、How to switch to Taobao China when I click "Source More" on CJ?

    When you click "Source More" to enter Taobao, you will usually be directed to world.taobao.com. In this case, you can switch to Taobao China where more products are available on the top left corner.  

  • 52、How to transfer my products from AliExpress to my CJ account?

    1. Set up a CJ account.
    2. Have an online store set up.
    3. Install CJ Google Extension.
    4. Go to the product page of AliExpress and post a sourcing request from there.
    5. List the product after sourcing success.

    Find the tutorial here

  • 53、Do you have the license to sell all the products?

    Maybe you have mistaken CJ as the supplier of all the products on our site which are provided by suppliers all over the world - most of them are from China. 

    What CJ does is find different suppliers and different products and provide shipping services. 


  • 54、What are the addresses of CJ warehouses?

    You can go to My CJ > Products > Service ProductsProducts and move your cursor to the icon of the warehouse to find the addresses. 

  • 55、Some of the variants are missing even I have provided the link of the product for the sourcing request.

    You can submit a ticket, contact our customer support(support@cjdropshipping.com), or consult an online agent in the chatroom, and your request will be forwarded to the sourcing team and shall be handled within 2 working days. 

    The product will be updated if the variants are available.

    And last but not the least, please don't forget to tell us your sourcing ID!

  • 56、Can I please have a quotation of listed products?

    This is how it can be done here at CJ:

    You can find the price and shipping details on the product page by searching with keyword(s). Here's a tutorial to find your way around all the products on our website.

    If you cannot find your desired product on CJ, you can post a sourcing request

  • 57、What is the inventory level and how often do you replenish?

    You can find the inventory status on the product page. 

    Available CJ inventory suggests that the item can be dispatched from our warehouse right away after you make the payment, whereas 0 CJ inventory means that we’ll wait for the item to arrive from the supplier, before it can go through packaging and quality inspection, which might take approximately 3 days, in most cases. 

    In other words, sufficient CJ inventory means better time efficiency. 

  • 58、Do you have custom products?

    Yes, you can find POD products on this page POD products.

    Here's a guide about how to find products on CJ.

    If you cannot find your desired product on CJ, you can post a sourcing request

  • 59、How to let my customers design their own POD products?

    First, you need the appropriate setup in your store:

    1. Check the POD feature in your store;
    2. Search and pick a product from Print On Demand;
    3. List the product directly;
    Then your customer will be able to make their own design:
    1. Click the "Design" button on the product page in your store.
    2. Click "Upload Image" to upload the photo. 
    3. Click "Save". 
    4. Click "Add To Cart" to proceed with the order.

    Find more details: How does the buyer Use CJ's Print on Demand Feature?

  • 60、On what kind of materials can POD be applied?

    In order to make a unique product, the material should be suitable for printing techniques.

    Below are some examples for your reference:

    1. Materials like flannel, non-woven fabric, packing boxes, plastic bags
    LOGO size should be less than 20cm * 20cm;
    The price is only $1.5 per one.

    2. Materials like silicone, plastic, metal, wood, etc.
    LOGO size should be larger than 20cm * 20cm;
    The price is only $1.5 per one.

    3. Materials that are hard and the product should be a cylinder, like a glass bottle
    360- degree rotation printable;
    The price is only $1.5 per one.

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