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  • 61、Can you do laser POD?


    There are a variety of techniques to print your logo or advertising message on your items while our state-of-the-art laser color printing technique is suitable for almost every material- flat fabric, paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc... and enable more luminous colors of the printed logo, more complex patterns, and a high-quality finish. 

    Laser engraving is also available if you are thinking of adding logos on a wood or metal surface to leave your customers a stereoscopic impression.

  • 62、How to transfer my products from AliExpress to CJ?

    Here're the steps: 
    1. 1. Register in CJ
    2. 2. Have an Online Store Set Up.
    3. 3. Install CJ Google Extension.
    4. 4. Go to the Product Page of AliExpress.

    Find more details here: How to Transfer My Products from AliExpress to My CJ Account?

  • 63、Can I combine orders for the same destination?


    You can combine orders before payment when your customer places two or more orders and wants to receive them in one package to save shipping cost:
    1. Select the orders you want to combine;
    2. Check order information carefully;
    3. Check it in Imported Orders.

    Find more details here: How to Combine Orders on CJ for the Same Receiver?

  • 64、Can I bulk delete the connected packaging?

    Sorry, we don't have the feature to avoid problems resulting from incorrect operations. You can contact your agent to see if it's possible to help delete them.

  • 65、How to bulk connect the packaging for products?

    1. Go to Products > Connection/SKU List;

    2. Select the products that you want to use the same packaging;

    3. Click "Packaging Connection".

  • 66、Can the main image be added when listing?

    Yes. Main images can be added together with variant images when you list one product to your store now.

    Just click "Edit before Listing" and select the images you need, and then you could view them in the "Media" section from your Shopify admin.

  • 67、What if there are missing variants of my sourcing result?

    You can submit a ticket to our sourcing team and we will deal with it as the type of issue. If you are urgent, you can also send a copy to the chatroom for a quick reply.

  • 68、Can I talk to the sourcing team?

    You can give your feedback on the sourcing result by submitting a ticket to the sourcing. Our sourcing team will improve the result based on the type of issue or your message.

  • 69、I can't sync inventory to my Shopify store.

    First, please make sure the "Inventory Sync" in My CJ > Authorization is enabled. Then, there are two methods when the inventory is still not tracked.

    1. On Shopify: Click "Edit Variants > Inventory > Inventory managed by", and choose "cjdropshipping" as the inventory manager. Don't forget to tick "Track Quantity" and save!
    2. On CJ: Go to Products > Connection, select all the variants and click "Yes" for "CJ Fulfillment > Inventory Managed by CJ".

  • 70、How to add multiple vendors for a single product on Shopify?

    Shopify store supports multiple suppliers, so you can use any dropshipping supplier app like Oberlo, CJdropshipping, Dsers, etc. Please note that one product can only have one supplier at a time unless you add two products with different suppliers. 

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