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List products to your store automatically.
  • 91、What are the shipping costs and delivery times to different countries?

    The shipping cost depends on the shipping method, destination country, weight, and attributes of the products.

    We have the shipping calculator to calculate the average shipping cost and time

    You can fill in the required information to find out the cost and delivery time.

  • 92、How to connect my eBay store to CJ?

    Please go to My CJ > Authorization >  choose eBay > click Add Stores > enter Store Name > log into your store for verification.
    For more details, please find this tutorial or contact us for help.

    Note: If you're trying to connect another eBay account with CJ when there is already an eBay account having been authorized, you should make sure that the account you have logged in to ebay.com is the new account.

  • 93、How can I add custom packaging to my product?

    1. Check the types of packaging;

    2. Choose the packaging you prefer and design by clicking the pencil icon on the packaging images;

    3. Start packaging connection in My CJ > Products > Connection/SKU List > Action > Packaging Connection;

    4. Purchase the packaging in My Custom Packaging;

    5. Wait for the packaging to arrive at our warehouse, and you could check the status in the Purchase List;

    6. Create the dropshipping orders.

    For more details, please check this tutorial.

  • 94、How to connect ShipStation with CJdropshipping?

    Steps: Enter the authorization page of Shipstation > click Add Store > Enter the required information and submit. Then you're expected to get your Etsy store authorized.You can sync your orders from your Shipstation store and have them fulfilled by CJ, moreover, listing CJ products, setting up default shipping methods is also available after authorizing your store.

    For more details, please find the tutorial below: 

    How to connect Shipstation with CJ?

    How to Get Tracking Numbers?

  • 95、Can I have fulfillment or dropshipping agreement?

    CJ provides a dropshipping agreement for all registered and valid users to download. Find more details about the required information and download the agreement here.

  • 96、Can I add my logo to the products?

    Yes. You could put your own logo or your customers' logo on POD products

    MOQ is not required if POD products are processed in the CJ warehouse. 

    If it has to be printed by other suppliers, there will be a MOQ.

    To get online assistance, please talk to CJ agents.

  • 97、How to find a supplier?

    CJ can serve as a supplier as it provides plenty of goods on the platform and in global warehouses. 
    CJPacket is one of the fastest shipping methods. 

    If you cannot find your desired products on CJ's platform and want to find other suppliers, please post sourcing requests to us. And we will source for you.

    You can get the SKU if it is sourced successfully.

    Please contact our 24 online agents if you need any help.

  • 98、How many kinds of packages do you have?

    We have all kinds of packages. You could find them on My CJ > Custom Packaging.

    There are two types of Custom Packaging.

    1. Pre-Designed Packaging: Packages with the icon (pencil and ruler) on the right bottom are available to design while others can only be purchased directly. You could design your own packages here.

    2. My Custom Packaging: Your designed items will be displayed here after you added texts and logos. Here you could purchase your designed packages.

    Note: This tutorial is for your reference: How to connect products with custom packaging?

  • 99、How can I have my personal agent?

    Due to the rapidly increasing number of new users on CJ, it becomes a necessity for CJ to evaluate how active a user is before a personal agent can be assigned.

    The activity of your account will be evaluated by our system and the agent team, mostly based on the number of your orders.

    If you're facing difficulties using our platform, you can always submit a ticket, contact our customer support (support@cjdropshipping.com), or consult our online agents in the chatroom.

  • 100、How to Post a Sourcing Request on CJ?

    Go to Sourcing > Post Sourcing Request > Select Individual Product/Store Existing Products.

    Fill in the required information, please be reminded that the target price is the price you are willing to pay - your product cost. 

    Find more details here: How to Post a Sourcing Request to CJ?

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