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List products to your store automatically.
  • 41、How to recover abnormal orders?

    The orders will become abnormal in many cases. For example, the order status is fulfilled or closed in your store. 

    Click for all the abnormal status and solutions.

  • 42、What you can do to orders in Cart?

    1. Update packaging connection;

    2. Update shipping discount;

    3. Update default shipping method;

    4. Delete orders to 'Trash';

    5. Sync IOSS setting.
  • 43、How many ways of placing an order on CJ platform?

    1. Automatic dropshipping order.

    2. Manual order/test order.

    3. CSV/Excel order.

    4. Private inventory order.

    5. One piece dropship order.

  • 44、How to set up automatic dropshipping orders?

    1. Authorize your store.

    2. List a product to your store by clicking the button 'List' on product pages. Then fill in the required information and submit it. 

    3. Sync your store orders to CJ manually.

    4. Complete the payment.

    5. Awaiting CJ to fulfill and ship out your orders. And the processing time usually is 1-3 days with enough inventory in our warehouse.

    Note: If there is anything abnormal, please contact our online agents for help.

  • 45、How to notify my Shopify customer regarding the tracking information via email?

    You can set it in your Shopify store as below: 

    First, go to your Shopify Store - Setting - Notification - Shipping. 

    Second, ensure the notification feature has been allowed on the CJ app as below:

    My CJ > Authorization > Shopify > Email Permission > Allow.

    (Noted: the email will not include the information of CJ)

  • 46、Can your packages not show Chinese information?

    There'll be Chinese information if the original package has Chinese. Some products also have English packages. You can also check with your agent if there's an English package. And you can choose the products shipping from overseas warehouses instead of China warehouses to remove Chinese information on the packages, such as the US warehouse, Poland warehouse, etc. 

  • 47、What is the difference between CJ's IOSS and own IOSS ID?

    You can declare both the store order amount and CJ order amount with your IOSS ID, no matter the orders valued less or more than €150.

    CJ's IOSS ID will not be applicable for orders valued above €150.

    For more information, please check the tutorial

  • 48、What is the total dropshipping cost?

    The total dropshipping cost includes the product, shipping costs, and service fee to the country you select when listing a product. It can be used to calculate the estimated cost to order the product from CJ.

  • 49、What are abnormal orders?

    Orders will become abnormal when you may make some changes or actions to your orders that have been synced to CJ. When the order information changes and you don't update it on CJ, it may cause a loss to your sales. Get to know how to recover abnormal orders.

  • 50、How to Email Customers When Orders have been Fulfilled on Shopify?

    HCJ can fulfill your orders automatically if you have connected to your Shopify store. 

    Your Shopify store can automatically send emails to your customers when their orders are fulfilled by CJ:

    1. Authorize your Shopify store to CJ;

    2. Allow Email Permission on CJ;

    3. Set up an email template on Shopify.

    Find more details here: How to Email Customers When Orders have been Fulfilled on Shopify?

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