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List products to your store automatically.
  • 61、How to post a photography request?

    There are two ways to post a request when you want a better product video/photo:

    1. Find the product, and click 'Photography Request' on the product page;

    2. Go to 'My CJ'-'My Photography'-'Photography Requests'-Post Photography Request

  • 62、How can I sync the tracking number?

    By clicking the truck icon  on the top right in 'Orders Fulfillment', you'll be able to configure tracking number syncing options.

    Note: Tracking number setting is only available for Shopify store now .

    To get online assistance, click hereto talk to CJ agents.

  • 63、Why can't I list products to my eBay store, and what should I do?

    Listing on eBay can be quite handful for beginners as they have very comprehensive restrictions for products. 

    The most common reasons for listing failures include:

    1. Category issues.
    2. The International Selling Agreement has not been accepted.
    3. Actions that are in violation of eBay policy. 
    4. Information missing.
    5. Exceed the limitation of quantity or the listing amount.
    6. Paypal(email) issues.

    For suggestions and more possible causes, please find:Why Listing to eBay Store Fails and What Should I Do?

    To get online assistance, clickhereto talk to CJ agents.

  • 64、Why no shipping methods can be selected?

    The available shipping methods depend on the product attributes and destination country, you can review them in thecalculator

    To get online assistance, clickhereto talk to CJ agents.

  • 65、Can I get the invoice for all my orders?

    Yes, you candownload the invoicesduring a period. 

    Please go to My CJ > Wallet > Billing History > Select the date > Click "Generate Invoice." 

    Please set up consignee message first before downing invoice.

  • 66、How do I add personalized packages if I want to place orders manually?

    Connect packages with products

    1.List the products

    2. Go to My CJ > Custom Packaging
     to design your package;

    3. Go to Product section > SKU List > Action to the packages

    4. Purchase the packages.

    Then, place your orders manually

    Go to Orders > Imported Orders, and click the upper-left icon to manually Create Orders or Import Excel Orders 


    Please make sure the packaging is well connected before placing orders.

    We also prepared tutorials for connecting customized packaging
     and placing manual .

  • 67、How to Purchase Deposit Inventory?

    1. Find the product and select 'Pre-order Inventory' at the top-left.

    2. Select the transaction type as '30% Deposit' and select the warehouse.

    Note: You have totalk to your agent about how to select the warehouse before placing the deposit inventory order, otherwise the inventory may not be deducted.

    3. Check the order status inPurchase List

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