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List products to your store automatically.
  • 21、Why does the processing time take so long?

    Most of the orders will be processed within 1-2 days upon sufficient CJ inventory, whereas it can take around 3-5 days if there is no inventory stocked in our warehouse.

    Below are The reasons  if an order is taking more time than expected to be processed:

    1. In most cases, CJ will stock inventory for hot-selling products, while other products will be replenished while orders are placed.  
    2. The suppliers are not being able to make delivery in time due to being out of stock, or resending due to wrong items being sent.
    3. Quality inspection, tag removal, and repackaging in the CJ warehouses.
    4. Defected items will be returned to the supplier after quality inspection;
    5. There are multiple products in one order.  

  • 22、How to pay for my photography request?

    Click "View Details" in My CJ > My PhotographyPhotography Requests, and it will show the price for a copyright version and no copyright version.

    Click "Pay" to fulfill the payment.

  • 23、How do I place orders with an Amazon store?

    CJ is not compatible with Amazon at the moment, but there are two ways to place orders on CJ. 

    a. Create orders manually

    b. Create orders by Excel.

    Please go to My CJ > Orders > Imported Orders. 

    The icons respectively are   and .

  • 24、Where can I check the details of my orders?

    Please go to My CJ > Orders > Orders Fulfillement> Pending/Processing/Dispatched/Completed/Closed to find your dropshipping orders. Then click the CJ order numbers and you will be directed to a new page, where you can see the details and "Tracking Info" of the orders.

  • 25、What does the order status mean in Orders Fulfillment on the CJ platform?

    Here we give a brief introduction of the order status.  

    1. Awaiting Payment: unpaid orders.

    2. Pending:  paid orders waiting for tracking numbers to be generated.

    3. Processing: orders with tracking numbers being prepared for dispatch.

    4. Dispatched: orders have been dispatched from our warehouse.

    5. Completed: orders delivered according to tracking information.

    6. Closed: orders you cannot open disputes. 

  • 26、What is the button "export order" for?

    The "Export Order" is an option for you to export your orders into an Excel document, where you can check the order details quickly and make a sales summary.

  • 27、Why can't I find the order I just paid for?

    Your order can be found in My CJ > Purchase List  if the order number starts with 'ZF'.

  • 28、What does CJ order status mean on Shopify?

    When you install our Chrome extension, you can check the order status of CJ. There are 12 kinds of order status and you can understand the meaning of each one.

  • 29、Is there any option for a gift message?

    Yes, you can purchase your custom packaging, like a "Thank You" card for your orders. When they are stocked, you can apply them to your every order.

    Check how to use custom packaging and how your packaging is applied.

  • 30、How can I get more information about my order status?

    If your orders are not dispatched for a long time, you can submit a ticket for the specific order in Orders Fulfillment and send a copy to our online support.

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